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Halloween 2013

All the little ghosts and goblins, skeltons and spidermans came out to trick or treat our house. We were ready for them.


Rosie Does the Frightdome

Dad and Uncle Andy hit the Frightdome again. Rosie goes for the first time. This was the first time we didn’t get there before the doors opened. That was a Good Thing and a Bad Thing. It was good because we sailed through the line. The Bad Thing was the Parking Garage, but more on that later.

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Dave Rapoza Has Some Mad Skills

This morning I stumbled into a artist by the name of Dave Rapoza.


Halloween Costumes

What’s Halloween if not a chance to dress up in a wacky, spooky, sexy or politically incorrect costume? Here are some from our scrapbook. For the record that was me going through the drive up window at Burger King on my way to a Halloween party. My Mom died just before Halloween in 1983. A [...]


Countdown to Rapture

In the spirit of full disclosure I want to go on record that I’m Christian. I was Baptized Catholic, confirmed as a Lutheran. Was a Mormon for a while and now am reading the Gnostic Gospels. God and the Devil, Good  and Evil are very real in my life. I won’t debate you on it. [...]


The Pakis are Pissed….and Stupid

Whether you post cartoons of Muhammad or kill their iconic leader, you know the Mooslums are going to be pissed. Sure as shit you know that the next thing to go is their spelling and grammar. Spotted this gem on the morning news….


Are you Zoned for Zombies?

H. R. 3962 “To provide affordable, quality health care for all Americans and reduce the growth in health care spending, and for other purposes.” Other purposes in deed! Under provisions of the Obamacare Bill (HR3962) both public and private property was zoned in regards to care for Zombism and restrictions of the growth of Zombism [...]


Holiday Advice for the Zombie Apocalypse

I know this is a little late. We hope this doesn’t ruin your Holiday Season.


Zombie Alert

This is a no-notice Zombie Alert. Take Action Immediately!


Zombies in Las Vegas

I really shouldn’t tell you, but there are Zombies in Las Vegas.