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D Day, 69 Years Ago

June 6th, 1944. The Longest Day, the Day of Days. Operation Overlord was planned to be executed on D Day at H Hour. It would be the assault on Hitler’s Fortress Europe.


I’m not a Nazi, but My Mom Was

That’s my Mom on the bicycle seat. Age 13.

My Mom was born in East Prussia in 1923. It was a geographically separate part of Germany. Like Alaska or Hawaii. She grew up on a farm


Irena Sendler

Look at this lady – Let us never forget! The world hasn’t just become wicked…it’s always been wicked. The prize doesn’t always go to the most deserving.


Pearl Harbor

Today is the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.

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Sergeant Major Plumley is Dead at 92

A veteran of World War Two, Korea and Vietnam, Basil L. Plumley was an Icon in the U.S. Army way before Sam Eliot portrayed him in the movie “We were Soldiers and Young”. Debbie Kimble, Plumley’s daughter, said her father died from cancer after spending about nine days at Columbus Hospice. Although the illness seemed to strike suddenly, Kimble said Plumley’s health had been declining since his wife of 63 years, Deurice Plumley, died last May on Memorial Day.


The Me-163 Flies Again!

When I first heard that the Me-163 Komet was flying again I said, “By who? Suicidal Pilots?”. The rocket take off of the combat 163’s killed a lot of pilots. At a 2009 war-bird meeting south of Paris a replica Me 163 Komet replica built by EADS Germany was on static display and in the air. It’s a full scale replica.



Today is the day. Today is the Day of Days. Today is the 68th anniversary of Operation Overlord. Otherwise known as D-Day. On this day in 1944 American, British and Canadian divisions stormed the beaches of Normandy, France. Breaching Hitler’s Atlantic Wall.

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“I” Company  of the 35th Regiment, 24th Infantry Division, Hawaii 1941

I was scanning my Dad’s Hawaiian Album and these were all his friends. They all served in “I” Company of the 35th Regiment, 24th Infantry Division, Schofoeld Barracks, Hawaii in and around 1941. I’m posting these pictures in hopes that their kids and grandchildren are looking for them. Please leave me word in the comments if you made a connection. Good Luck.


My Dad in the Army

My Dad was Walter J. Chamberlain Jr. He served in the Army from 1937 until 1967. In 1967 his division at Fort Carson was alerted for Vietnam. He said, “I got clipped in Italy and then again in Korea. Some Shave-Tail Butter Bar is going to get me killed in Vietnam”. So with 33 years service (including time in C.C.C.’s) he retired.


Why did we drop a second atomic bomb on Japan?

Because they didn’t pay attention the first time. Take it from One, Who Knows the Score, The 509th, Is Winning the War Today is the 66th anniversary of the day we dropped the second atomic bomb (Fat Man) on Nagasaki, Japan Click here for more info.