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CIA Releases UFO Documents

The Central Intelligence Agency has released 13 million documents.  800,000  pertain to unidentified flying objects.  Readers who have tried to access the CIA library site have been met with the Blue Screen of Death.  This is not a case of “fake news” or hanky panky from the Agency.  I feel is that the site crashed [...]


A Strange Thing Happened at the Beach

On July 2nd, 1971, the Bat Patrol was going on a camp out to Marina Beach to get ready for a troop camp out that was getting ready for an upcoming Camporee.

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What Do You Believe In?

How open minded are you? Score one point for each item on our list and post your total.


Bad Photoshop

Bad Photoshop! Sit! Sit!

Stumbled on to this weird pic of an SR-71. It sparked a debate about bad photoshopping on Facebook so I ran with it.

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UFO Hoax Video Dishonors Columbia Heroes

Here’s a change of pace. A UFO video that I DON’T believe.


Iran Versus the Flying Saucers

I recently did a post on the Iranian F-14 fleet. A Loyal Reader emailed a story that…seemed a little odd at first. After a brisk googling, it seems to have legs.


Do Your Kids have Alien Playmates?

Have you ever considered setting up a play date with aliens? There can be an upside that you haven’t thought of. Right off the bat it’s a free service. It keeps them busy on those nights when you’ve got to get some sleep and they won’t go to bed.
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Something Crashed in May

George Knapp of Channel 8 News, Las Vegas in on job: More here



No back story. No context. You decide….


UFO Video on Fox News

This video was “shot” in Haiti and was reported on “Fox and Friends” last week. Later in the day “Fox News” reported that it was a fake coming out of France. …or is it?