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Military Brats

I was issued at Fort Lee, Virginia.  After that, I was stationed in Orleans, France and Fort Carson, Colorado.  We retired to Fort Ord, California.  Then I joined the Air Force and made two Brats of my own. By the time I was nine, I could polish combat boots to a glass finish, jump a [...]


Soldier Sucked Out of Aircraft

The U.S. Army, 5th Special Forces Group was conducting a training jump. The jump-master was surveying the drop site when his reserve parachute accidentally deployed. The soldier was immediately sucked out of the back of the C-130 Hercules aircraft. Uninjured in the mishap, he landed some 31 miles from the drop zone.


Sergeant Major Plumley is Dead at 92

A veteran of World War Two, Korea and Vietnam, Basil L. Plumley was an Icon in the U.S. Army way before Sam Eliot portrayed him in the movie “We were Soldiers and Young”. Debbie Kimble, Plumley’s daughter, said her father died from cancer after spending about nine days at Columbus Hospice. Although the illness seemed to strike suddenly, Kimble said Plumley’s health had been declining since his wife of 63 years, Deurice Plumley, died last May on Memorial Day.


Just Hand Over Your Gun and Everything will be All Right

The Second Amendment is not about duck hunting. It’s also not about self defense. It’s about collective defense from tyranny.


“I” Company  of the 35th Regiment, 24th Infantry Division, Hawaii 1941

I was scanning my Dad’s Hawaiian Album and these were all his friends. They all served in “I” Company of the 35th Regiment, 24th Infantry Division, Schofoeld Barracks, Hawaii in and around 1941. I’m posting these pictures in hopes that their kids and grandchildren are looking for them. Please leave me word in the comments if you made a connection. Good Luck.