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Trump Tweets Plan to Destroy ISIS

President-Elect Trump revealed a Top Secret Bio-War project aimed at destroying ISIS.


Women in Combat

Recently the decision has been made to allow American women to serve in combat positions. Before you decide on whether this is good or bad watch this.


Tashfeen Malik

Tashfeen Malik, that murderous ISIS bitch. Al Jazeera, the TV network owned by Al Gore has said that it’s disrespectful to post pictures of Tashfeen Malik with her face exposed. Upon hearing of this slight, the staff at The Lucky Puppy went into overdrive.


You Might be a Muslim

No, Jeff Foxworthy did not write these.
If you’re Boss lives in Guantanamo, you may be a Muslim.


Woman Shot Dead by D.C. Police

What would motivate a woman to drive 265 miles to crash her car into a White House barrier? Twice? The government shut down, of course.

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Where Were You on September 11th??

I was laying on the sofa watching “In Harm’s Way”. I had just delivered the boys to school.


Hey Barry, Guess What Happened in Egypt Today

Remember when Obama and Secretary Clinton and the rest of the gang were touting “The Arab Spring”? That the green shoots of democracy were growing in Egypt and around the Middle East.


U.S. Attacked on 9/11 Anniversary

Oh SHIT!! There was an attack yesterday. I posed a question yesterday on Facebook. “God Forbid we would have another attack today. How do you think the President would react?” Little did I know that by the time I posted the question we had already been attacked.

The American Ambassador to Libya J Christopher Stevens was killed yesterday by a bomb. How did Obama react? He fiddled while our embassy burned.

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Good Things About 9/11

There are many Good Things that happened on September 11th, 2001.


New Black Panther Party Does Not Support GOP Convention

Recordings from radio talk shows have surfaced with representatives of the New Black Panther Party expressing their displeasure of the Republican Party holding their convention in Tampa, Florida.

WARNING: These statements contain Potty Mouth.

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