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Dallas Shooter was Trained and Motivated

TACTICALLY PROFESSIONAL: Shooter uses military Combat Glide, fire-on the move & tactical flow techniques. He maintains weapon in position w/o lowering it while moving. Engages. Covers himself No panic even under fire.

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Shooting at LAX

A Transportation Security Administration agent was killed and several other people were wounded when a gunman opened fire in a Los Angeles International Airport terminal Friday morning.


Redneck Terror Alerts

Click on it to see all levels…

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Beheading Video

WARNING! MAY BE TOO INTENSE FOR SOME VIEWERS!! Hostage Video – The best video clips are here


WTF? Syrian WMD’s?

Israel attacked Syria and it would’ve never made the news if not for the Turks finding some F-15 drop tanks in their desert. The big question is what did the Israelis hit? Snippets of stories are coming out and rumors abound. I’ll put my money on nukes. WMD’s from North Korea, who now conveniently want [...]

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