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Women in Combat

Recently the decision has been made to allow American women to serve in combat positions. Before you decide on whether this is good or bad watch this.


Sniper Advice

As we plod through our dreary lives, we inevitably are throw into awkward situations where we find ourselves needing to gracefully extract ourselves. Please consider these tried and true tactics:When you’re late for work.Say: “I was dodging Sniper fire.”If someone notices the Band-Aid you’re wearing.Say: “The Sniper almost got me.”Your Mother-in-Law knocks on your door.Do: [...]



Open mouth, insert foot, chew briskly. This is way better than the “Mission Accomplished” photo of President Bush. Hillary Clinton apparently dodged a hail of sniper fire on a 1996 trip to Bosnia.In an attempt to bolster her foreign policy credentials, Senator Clinton was quoted as saying:“We came in under sniper fire,” she recently told [...]

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