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Airline Slang

In the military or in the private sector, every subculture has its own language.  Airlines are no exception. Baby Jesus An infant passenger whose parents treat it with utmost importance, which may result in a lack of polite behavior like incessant crying..   Blue Juice The lavatory water is blue. So when we call the [...]


Those bastards at Uncyclopedia DELETED my Air Force Slang Page, deleting work that was ten years in progress involving the contributions of thousands hundreds a few people

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What the Hell is He Talking About???

Like any organization the USAF has a language of their own. I humbly offer some examples.AIM: Air-Intercept Missile Bear: The Electronic Warfare Officer (EWO), the GIB. Refers to pilot’s opinion that a trained bear can replace the GIB. Also a Tu-95 Russian Bomber. The Blue Zoo: The United States Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, [...]