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Merry Christmas!

Say it loud. Say it proud.  It’s the Reason for the Season.           MORE HOLIDAY STUFF HERE


Wal Mart Greeters

Twenty years from now, people will look upon the Wal Mart Greeters as an iconic landmark of these days.


Mission Wal Mart

Did I mention that Civilization 5 was released this week? I have had a 20 plus year Love Affair with good ol’ Civ.  We go way back to playing the board game (drunk) when we (The 313 TFS/AMU) were TDY to Spain and Turkey and other Garden Spots. I don’t remember going to midnight releases. [...]


The Great Drier Quest

Last week started with my drier taking a dump.  It had been making clunky noises but when it smelled like fire I shut the sucker down.  Thus began The Great Drier Quest. I cruised the internet for prices and ideas. Saturday it was SHOPPING DAY. I’m pretty much touchy feely when it come to appliances [...]


Really Bad Movies

I’m NOT making this up. Don’t believe me? Look them up. Yes, if you click the links you can buy these poopers. Ankle Biters [DVD] (2002) It’s no small problem when an isolated town is overrun by vampire dwarves seeking to get their hands on a mystical sword that will allow them to create a [...]