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Name These Airlines

Do you fly a lot?  Can you tell one airline from another? Try our quiz.   You’re not guessing, are you? Come on, that was a gimme.   Post your answers in the comments.



The Redskin NFL cheerleaders posed nude for a photo shoot. Our crack team of reporters got to the bottom of this story. In 2013, the Washington Redskins took their cheerleading squad to Costa Rica.  Some of the ladies were concerned when the Redskin officials took their passports on arrival.  The location of the shoot was [...]


Salute to the Confederate Flag

We searched the Internets to bring you the finest of Confederate Flags.


It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Football

The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are on LOGO so football must be coming.


Montserrat Moms Bare Breasts to Boost Bussing

Faced with financial problems, the town of Montserrat, Spain cut the school bus route. Finding the situation unacceptable, the Montserrat Moms take things in their own hands to raise funds to restore the school bus route for their kiddies.


The Enterprise XO Video

It looks like Captain Owen Honors just might be the first victim of the Can’t Tell, Don’t Brag zero tolerance policy of the DoD. Cruise movies have been a long tradition in the U.S. Navy and a great morale booster for crews that have been at sea for more than a weekend. See for yourself….this [...]

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Mow the Lawn

Here’s Your Monday Morning Wake Up. U.K. Version U.S. Version More commercials here.


2008 Olympics

Yeah. I know. I know. I should’ve been bloggong but I’ve been way busy watching the Beijing Olympics. It’s nice to see the Chinese put aside executing dissidents and host the World.I’ve been busy watching women’s beach volley ball. Jesus! These chicks are hot!But then there’s;Women’s SwimmingWomen’s Diving. Don’t skip the shower scenes.Women’s Track. Women’s [...]