MeWe- It’s Like Facebook for Responsible Adults.

What’s the difference between Facebook and Mewe. Actually, not a lot. We have groups to join and memes to post. Yes you can bring your cats. The biggest difference is the first friend I may on Mewe was a lady named Cathy. A USMC wife and Mom, her profile picture is topless.
Follow the link to see what I mean. It is most definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK.


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LGBT Counterpoint

Open your mind and listen to the other side of the conversation.

If you are already pissed off, please note that we at the Lucky Puppy are not homophobic. Some of our best kids are gay.  We oppose the politicization of the LBGT community.  It’s not about Love it’s about Power. Political power to use to foist the Socialist/Leftist/Progressive/Communist agenda on America.












As of 2016, the LGBT population of the U.S. by State varies an average of 3.8%.  If you flip the script, would you oppose a 4% minority and their right to impose their veiwpoint on you.  What group you may ask.  For the sake of arguement let’s pick the KKK.  Would you accept that the word “Nigger” be adopted as the common name for people of color?  Furthermore, the terms Negro, Black and Afro-American be labeled as hate speech?

No, you wouldn’t allow this to happen.

In the U.S. military there are two ZERO tolerance policies:

  1. There will be no unauthorized nuclear detonation.
  2. The use of the word “fag” is forbidden.

Both acts will get you kicked out without any recourse or defense.