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LGBT Counterpoint

Open your mind and listen to the other side of the conversation.


Improvised Explosive GOAT

As ISIS changes its tactics, Special Forces adapt by playing to ISIS weakness.


Woman Married Train Station

Carol Santa Fe, 45, from San Diego, California, claims she has been in love with the Santa Fe train station since she was nine years old.


Rub One Out While You Leave a Comment

We’ll be discussing masturbation. While the post is NQNSFW (Not Quite Safe For Work), watching while at work will get strange looks from your co-workers.


Pig Production in Denmark

You can’t say that The Lucky Puppy does not provide a wide range of topics for our readers.


Obama’s Remarks Incite Prostitute Backlash

President Obama called Sandra Fluke, the law student who Rush Limbaugh called a slut and prostitute for her statements about birth control, this afternoon to apologize for the personal attacks against her, and thank her for her participation in yesterday’s congressional committee. The White House issued the following statement: “The president called Georgetown University law [...]


The Enterprise XO Video

It looks like Captain Owen Honors just might be the first victim of the Can’t Tell, Don’t Brag zero tolerance policy of the DoD. Cruise movies have been a long tradition in the U.S. Navy and a great morale booster for crews that have been at sea for more than a weekend. See for yourself….this [...]

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