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Star Trek Turns 50

  Star Trek is now 50 years old.  To celebrate, we thought we’d share some facts from the show. Although “Charlie X” was the first episode filmed, Star Trek debuted with “The Man Trap”.   We figure this will start more than one fight. Before slapping down paychecks or pink slips, be advised that the [...]


Ridley to Bring Forever War to Screen

Sweet Jesus they’re finally going to do it!! Scott Ridley has decided to bring Joe Haldeman’s The Forever War to the big screen.


2001 A Space Reality Check

​In 1968, I sat in a movie theater and was thrilled by 2001: A Space Odyssey. Collectively, we dreamed of a future with flying cars and vacations on the Moon. Many of us are disappointed that due to budget cuts and politics, that future did not arrive. Or maybe it did and it’s so embedded in our culture we don’t notice it. Let me contrast and compare and you tell me if we made it.