To Home School or not to Home School?   This is the question we’re struggling with right now.  We’ve got an ONLINE SCHOOL picked out that seems to be a good one.  Why you might ask?  Well here are some warning signs that you might want to pull your kid out of public school.

1. Parents are complaining that your kid’s grades are fucking up The Curve.

2. You kid’s teacher next year is not wrong for being Gay, he’s wrong because he’s a bullying ASSHOLE.

3. Your kid’s reading level is higher than her teacher.

4. During Open House you can’t decide if the school is a Third World Refugee Camp or just a medium security Prison.

5. Homeschooling is the first thing you and the EX have agreed on in years.

6.  More kids at  school wear gang colors instead of school colors.

7. You finally notice that the school colors ARE gang colors.

8. The risk of your kid being raped in junior high is reduced by 20% if you home school.

9. If you Home School you won’t have to deal with that zoo called “Pick Up/ Drop Off”.

10.  You can finally be a parent instead of a homework monitor.