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Obama-Romney do Stand Up

For real. The presidential candidates took time off to attend the annual Al Smith Dinner to benefit Catholic charities.


Presidential Debate II- The Sequel

It’s Halloween and didn’t the second presidential debate seem like a like a bad Horror movie remake? Greg Gutfeld seemed to sum it up in a Tweet.

8h GregGutfeld GregGutfeld ‏@greggutfeld

the candidates approach candy like haunted creatures in a childhood nightmare.


Rebuttal of Attacks on Paul Ryan

As the election nears we can be assured that the Left with continue attacks. Whether on tax returns or women’s rights. The tactic is clear. Demonize rather than debate because in a fair debate the Left would lose every time.


Romney Gets Standing Ovation from the NAACP

Bet you didn’t hear about that on MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC or NBC? Yes he got Boo’ed but like everything else reported by the main stream media it was taken out of context.

Watch what happens….

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Obama vs. Romney

The Lucky Puppy is proud to announce the first of a series of debates between our Beloved President Barrack Obama and his opponent Governor Mitt Romney. Tonight’s moderator will be Anderson Cooper.

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