Is Laura Ingraham a Nazi?

If one picture is the standard used by the Loony Left to determine who is or is not a Nazi, let’s see who else is a Nazi.  Shall we?

Barry Soetoro
Barry Soetoro

This is how stupid the Primary Election is going to get.  The Looney Left will grasp at any little bullshit thing to make Donald Trump and the Republican Party look bad.




Hillary Rodham Clinton
Hillary Rodham Clinton







Hillary's ex-Husband.
Hillary’s ex-Husband.


I guess this makes Bernie a NATIONAL socialist.
I guess this makes Bernie a NATIONAL socialist.
Mike standing proudly and saluting with his Nazi husband.
Mike standing proudly with his Nazi husband.
Unterfuhrer Gore mit der Fuhrer
Unterfuhrer Gore mit his Fuhrer
John "Swift Boat" Kerry
John “Swift Boat” Kerry
John "Rino" McCain
John “Rino” McCain
Have to do HilLIARy one more time.
Have to do HilLIARy one more time.



What the Hell is the Republican Party Doing?


This was my third try at a Nevadan Republican Caucus. While it was fun, it was still brimming with disappointment. But let me start from the beginning.
In 2008 I proudly marched down to my polling place. Literally marched for it was just down the street. I was confronted with a sign that said m caucus address was Da Dee Da Dee Dee. A mere 50 miles away. Great. I was also walking because the Luckymobile was running on fumes Thoughts oozed through my mind.
“So much for voting.”
“What the Hell is a Caucus?”
“When was this decided?”
“Who decided this? I didn’t vote for it.”
In 2012, I was ready and waiting. 50 miles into town and didn’t realize I forgot my Driver’s License until I got to the parking lot. When I checked in, I was ushered to the “Problem Table”. There were about four or five of us who forgot their I.D. of something. We waited or a “Problem Solver” for about two hours and in that time watched about a dozen people bypass the whole checking in thing and went straight to a “Caucus Room” to um…..caucus. Whatever that is.
2016. Fresh from a Trump Rally the night before, I was raring to go to a Caucus. I almost forgot we were carpooling. I wasn’t driving, yay me. Armed with an ID, a wife and a vague idea on how a caucus is supposed to run I was giving the Republicans another go.
What’s a Precinct number? Right. Got it. You have to know your precinct. It’s on your voter registration card or you can ask like I did. We were informed that we could vote and leave but I was there for the fight. After lauding and debating and arguing the merits and faults of all the candidates for an hour and a half we broke up and went home. We discussed the candidates AFTER we voted so that was a waste of time. We never elected a delegate to the County Caucus which was the whole point of the Caucus. I do not fault our precinct leader because he was drafted into the position by virtue of arriving first. We needed trained leaders at least if not voters.
So I enjoyed my first Caucus. I feel that at least our group is united to support our national candidate, whoever they may be. I might have gotten my mug on CNN. I never had to present the ID I brought and the only question anyone asked me was “Have you voted?”
Which I’m pretty sure I could’ve done at each precinct table.
But I didn’t because I’m one of the Good Guys.

Third Grader Fights for Fossil

Olivia-McConnell-tbThird Grader Olivia McConnell has spearheaded a fight in the South Carolina legislature to name the Woolly Mammoth as the Palmetto state’s State Fossil.

The eight year old sparked the move by writing a letter to Democratic Representative Robert Ridgeway. Olivia noted the lack of a state fossil for South Carolina and nominated the Woolly Mammoth because it was first discovered on the continent in 1725 when slaves dug up a tooth.



A bill that recently passed the state House to designate the Mammoth as the state fossil stalled in the Senate after Republican Senator Kevin Bryant added two verses from the book of Genesis.

“I just had a notion that we ought to consider acknowledging the creator as we acknowledge one of his creations,” Bryant said.

“Please stop making our state look like backwards hillbillies who believe in fairy tales,” Alex Davis commented on Bryant’s website.

Many States have official fossils.  New Jersey has the duck-billed dinosaur. Nevada has the Shonisaurus   South Dakota has dibs on the Triceratops.    South Carolina might have to go to rocks, paper, scissors with Alaska who already claims the Woolly Mammoth.

South Carolina has been without a State Fossil since Senator Jesse Helms died in 2008.