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Obama Starves the Second Admendment to Death

Yes Virginia, that gun you own makes a really good club without the bullets.


More Kabuki Theater from Obama

“The Pregnant Lady Speech” is yet more Kabuki Theater from President Obama. Will he ever be straight forth and honest with the American People?


Help Us Help Obama Start World War Three

Remember when you voted for Obama and pledged to back him no matter what?  Here’s a chance to put your money where your mouth is.        

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Attack Syria? Wait a Minute.

As the Obama administration gears up to bomb Syria let’s look at a couple of “facts”.

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Community Organizer in Chief Silent as Riots Erupt

Is this the Change he was talking about?


Gun Control- The Bottom Line

This particular argument is at the heart of the Gun Control issue. I chose the picture used very carefully. I could’ve easily used the military or another SWAT unit. I chose the heroic efforts of the Boston PD to illustrate the power of the STATE. When the city was “locked down” it hovered on the brink of martial law if not de facto martial law. All that was missing was a warning that violators would be shot. I chose Boston PD because of the stark contrast of the use of Power and the misuse of Power.


Our Top Ten April Fools Day List

The Best April Fools Day Jokes of All Time.


Best of The Lucky Puppy in 2012

Loyal Readers agree. Here’s some of our best stuff from 2012.


Obama “a Communist without question”- An Expert Opinion

No other than Vladimir Putin and Pravda outed President Obama as a “Communist without question”. This speech was published in a 19 November edition of Pravda. Can you name a better expert on who is or is not a communist.

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Obama Uses Sandy Hook Kids to Further His Agenda

Living up up his mantra of “don’t waste any crises to further our agenda”, Obama has struck a low point by standing on the bodies of Sandy Hook to further his fiscal agenda.