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Because I Can

Facebook can be more than just cat videos. A friend of mine and I have been having a debate about police abuse in the Black Community. He sent me the following video. Watch it and I’ll have something to say afterwards.


Oh No! They’ve Got a Gun

Back when I was managing a Radio Shack, my employee came up to me all excited. “That guy has a gun”, she says all out of breath. I see that he’s sporting a .308 semi-automatic on his hip. “What does he want?, I ask her.

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The Real Trunk Monkey

The “Trunk Monkey” videos have been on the Internet for years but check this out.


Florida State Trooper Arrests Miami Cop

After a seven minute chase with lights and siren blaring and speeds up to 120mph a Florida State Trooper pulled over what she thought was a stolen police car.   It wasn’t. The off duty Miami policeman was driving his police cruiser to an “off duty meeting”. This wasn’t the first time.