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Vance AFB UPT Patch Causes a Little Uproar

Undergraduate Pilot Training or UPT is where Air Force pilots earn their wings. Every class has had a patch that is worn while in training. Class 14-05 have turned some heads with their choice.

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What It Takes to be an Airline Pilot


I vividly remember the day of the crash. The weather was very bad that day. The first sortie was recalled and we were able to refuel only two aircraft before fueling went on weather hold as well.


Foreflight- Flight Planner for the iPhone

Stumbled on to a really cool flight planning tool. It’s called Foreflight and it’s for the iPhone. With easy access to airport maps, radio frequencies, weather forecasts and more it’s like having Jeppesen at your fingertips.The question begging to be asked is, “Has the Foreflight been approved by the FAA?” At this point, it’s unclear. [...]