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Reid Defeats Angle

I’m kinda hoping that when I wake tomorrow the headline will be wrong. But thank God I don’t live in California. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown? Governor of a State that still doesn’t have legal pot? The last time Jerry was Governor his policies crushed any hope I had of a college education. After a night of [...]

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Obama Inc.

Obama Inc. – Wall Street Reform from RightChange on Vimeo.


Reagan Warned Us About Them


Dems in House May Spark Turkish/Iraqi War

In another bonehead move, House Democrats are moving forward on a non-binding resolution to censure Turkey for committing atrocities against Turkish/Armenians in 1915! During the Reagan administration a similar bill resulted in Turkey baning U.S. forces from using Incirlik AB for two years.Turkey is a key staging area for the war in Iraq. If Turkey [...]


The Roswell Connection

Historical Fact (or at least nice fiction): On July 8, 1947 witnesses claimed that an unidentified object with five aliens aboard crashed onto a sheep and cattle ranch outside Roswell, New Mexico. Many say that the U.S. Air Force and the Federal Government covered up this incident. What the government can not hide, however, is [...]

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Pelosi Flies to Syria

Did not Rudolph Hess fly to England in World War Two to try and negotiate a separate Peace with the Allies? He wound up with a life sentence didn’t he?Oh my the Times are changing.The Constitution provides the Legislature with the power to ratify treaties. Treaties which the Executive Branch has secured. It is the [...]