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I’m Pissing Off Friends

I’m sickened by the way the media manipulates the public opinion in order to advance the Leftist/Progressive/Communist agenda.


Elizabeth Hughes Sings the Star Spangled Banner.

Eight year old Elizabeth Hughes belts it out at the Scope Arena, Norfolk Virginia. 12000 people were there for a Norfolk Admirals hockey game. Just watch….


Before You Give Thanks

It’s right around the corner. I bet you’re planning your shopping. You’re sending out invitations. You’re buying plane tickets. There’s going to be family and friends and turkey and pie and FOOTBALL. Yeah…you bet. But before you give thanks, please remember those who are very far from home. With no hope of family reunion. They’re [...]


Mosque at Ground Zero is OK

But only if we can open a Gay Bar next door. In fact, Greg Gutfeld is doing just that. No joke.  In fact we at the Lucky Puppy want to go one step further.  If Gutfiled opens “Saudi Boiz” on one side we want to open “Rick’s Pulled Pork BBQ” eatery on the other side. [...]