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On October 4th Q asked, “Are you ready to see arrests? Are you ready to see pain? Are you ready to be a part of history?” Caravan to Midnight host John B. Wells is interviewed by SGTreport to break down the latest and John says, “You’re GOING to see arrests. And then your going to see indictments. And then you’re going to see CONVICTIONS. They are scared to death.” Wells was a host of Coast to Coast AM, however he left that to create Caravan to Midnight and therefore avoid censorship.  Therefore, John carries on the tradition of the wide open talk show that the Late, Great Art Bell first brought to the airwaves.

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The Morbach Werewolf

Came across this just shy of Halloween.  However while stationed at Hahn AB and living near Morbach, I was at more than one cocktail party where this was discussed.


In May 2011 I posted The Morbach Werewolf, which included the early history of the beast and a few of the modern anecdotes and statements. I recently received a narrative from a retired USAF Staff Sergeant who was stationed in the area. This narrative includes the actual events in 1988. I investigated and received confirmation on the locales and unit placements communicated to me in the statement and in a subsequent email. What follows is the true story of the Morbach Werewolf:

In 1988 I was the assigned Security Supervisor for the Wenigerath Munitions Storage Area. Although it was just on the other side of the Village of Wenigerath we called it Morbach. We were assigned to Hahn Air Base and not Morbach. Morbach isn’t even a base, it is a town just down the road on the B327. As we drove through Wenigerath, I was driving the bus, some of the guys noticed that the candle in the shrine was not lit and there was a full moon. We all knew of the local legend. We sort of just laughed about it.

When we first came on duty my patrols would do a sweep of their assigned sectors. As I was in the Security Trailer with the security controller (radio dispatch) reading the previous shifts logs, one of my foot patrols found 3 dead deer within one of the wooded areas and radioed us. When I arrived on scene I noticed that their throats were damaged and 2 had their entrails and hind quarters eaten along with what appeared to be their internal organs (liver, heart). We did have wild boar in and out of the area and these were a small barking deer species. We placed a call to the local Forest Meister so he could remove the deer carcasses.

I went back to the Security Control Trailer to phone the base on the incident. After that I radioed all patrols for an area briefing at Control. As the patrols rolled in we heard a low level but loud growl/howl coming from the direction of our only alarmed structures to the west of our location. I radioed the foot patrol assigned to that area since they were still enroute. As I did, they came running out of the darkness yelling “Did you guys hear that?!” About that time it howled again. Low, deep, long and loud. It sounded like it was within our fence line. I called the entry control point to see if they had permitted any K-9 patrols in the area. They said no and also reported the howling. One of the guys said “What if it’s the Werewolf?” We all kind of giggled but then it howled again. This time from the center of the site but this howl was unreal. It vibrated you inside. Hard to describe.

The Shrine

I called the base and updated them that we had a breach of some kind of animal. Sounded like a large dog or possibly a wild animal. They stated that the Forest Meister had been called and was on his way. I asked the patrols if they wanted me to turn on the area lighting. They said no. The area lighting usually made matters worse since they casts too many shadows and ruined your night vision. As it was with the full moon we could see pretty good. I issued Night Vision Scopes to two of the patrol leaders. They mounted on our M-16′s. I informed them that they did not have permission to “Lock and Load”. Since it was peacetime (Cold War) we carried our weapons with a loaded magazine, weapon on safe and no round in the chamber. When it was about to get noisy, lock and load meant to charge your weapon (jack a round in the chamber) and get ready to ‘Rock and Roll Baby!’

I took one of the foot patrols with me (strength in numbers) and headed to the perimeter in case it tried to circle my guys. I went by the fallen deer to show the patrol. When we got there I noticed that the third deer had also been snacked on. I immediately called all the patrols. It had come back and fed on the third deer. About that time one of the mounted patrols (vehicle), had made contact and was pursuing a large dark K-9. We ran in a circular route as to try to out flank whatever it was they were chasing. The Entry gate radioed me saying that our K-9 patrol had arrived. I had them dispatch to the western fence line since that’s where we were all going. The pursuing patrol radioed that it was turning towards the Command Trailer. Here’s a funny part. Alpha Control radioed that he was locking down and wasn’t opening the door ’til daylight.

I took the foot patrol and headed to the fence line since we had 2 patrols going to Control. The K-9 patrol was already there and I dispatched him to the alarmed structures to stand by. I did this since they were between Control and the perimeter fence. When we got to the fence I put one of the guys near the fence line and I with the patrol leader headed to a small hill to over-watch his position. I asked for status reports because I could hear a lot of yelling. They said it was coming toward us. I radioed Control to turn on our sectors lighting. Our area was mostly open with trees on the right side. We switched off our scopes and in that instant that we reached to turn off the units our guy on the fence started screaming. We turned in time to see a huge dark mass clear our 9 foot fence! It quickly faded from our perimeter lighting into the darkness. I asked for the area lighting to be turned off. I walked further up to the hill and switched on my night scope. I looked in the direction it had run. Since the magnification was weak I really didn’t expect to see anything then I saw it. It was leaned up against a tree looking at us on it’s hind legs breathing heavily. I yelled 2 o’clock 200 meters! Then it turned and faded into the trees. Only one other patrol leader saw it.

It was now 2:30 am. The Forest Meister arrived at the entry gate. I had to sign him in. I asked the K-9 unit to foot patrol the fence but the dog had retreated to his kennel and would not come out. I put all units back on active patrol and to remain extra vigilant. As I escorted the Forest Meister to the dead deer I explained what had happened. He listened carefully and seemed to be absorbing it all in. He took pictures of the deer for records then bagged the bodies. He said that it didn’t appear to be the work of wild boar. It had all the markings of a wolf attack. He said wolves usually didn’t kill their prey, they usually died from shock and blood loss. They would knock it down and start eating the hind quarters with the animal still alive. This one killed them then ate them as evidenced by the neck injuries. I asked if they could jump 9 foot fence. He said this one could and laughed.

The guys were jazzed to say the least. We had a group meeting around 4:00am. I said that I needed written reports by the shifts end at 6:30 so to take turns patrolling. Alpha 2 (Command Trailer) opened his door even though it was still dark out. I remember sitting there sipping some coffee saying “Are they going to believe this?” He said we were all going to “piss in the bottle”. That meant a Urine Analysis to see if we were on drugs. We laughed about it.

When we got back to the Armory I was pulled aside by my Flight Chief and Shift Commander. I briefed them on what had happened. My Flight Chief asked me to take home the statements and proof read them first then to turn them in before Guardmount.

When I arrived I noticed that the roster had been amended. We were all going back to Morbach. It was very rare to have the same patrol twice let alone the entire area. On the bus ride out there we were pretty much quiet. I stopped the bus at the alter to make sure the candle were lit and the old guy awake. Thumbs up! The Flight Chief showed up around mid-night and we had a pow wow. He said we had two choices. We could turn in the statements but omit the “werewolf” references or shred the statements and have me write in the log book that a wild animal had killed some deer in the wooded area behind the ammo building and that the Forest Meister had been dispatched…end of story. As we all looked at each other. He stated that our PRP would be called into question. PRP is a program that enables us to work around Nuclear Resources. To lose your PRP cast a dark cloud over you plus you got crap details while you were being re-evaluated. Took up to 45 days. So we opted for the later.

Some of us choose not to talk about it, but obviously some did. It really happened. It wasn’t some story to scare the jeeps. Jeeps are FNG’s, rookies, etc. Was it a Werewolf? Was it an endangered European Wolf? Was it a coincidence that the candle was out that night of a full moon? You decide. As for me…I’ll say this. The above statement is true to the best of my knowledge. D

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The Ghosts of Indian Springs

This has been a post that has been a long time coming.  Having lived here since 2001, I’ve listen to a lot of stories.  Here are the ones I know about.  If you’ve got different versions or can correct the details, feel free to jump in.  Can Indian Springs lay claim to the most haunted town in Nevada?

The Flight Nurse

Kathy-Batterman-1999On 3 April, 1999 a B0-105CBS-4 helicopter call sign Lifeguard 01 crashed near Old Ben Road.  It was snowing.  Witnesses and first responders stated that they were directed to the crash site by “a woman with flashlights”.  Nearing the crash site no one could find this woman.  The crash was fatal for the three people on board.  Flight Nurse Kathy Batterman was the only female on board.  During the crash she was ejected from the aircraft and then was crushed when the fuselage rolled over her.

Over the years she has appeared up and down Old Ben Road and as far south as the Senior Center.

The Old Woman

Back in the pioneer days a family lived in a cabin located in a valley North of Indian Springs.  The loneliness and isolation  got to her and she killed her husband and children.  To this day she has been spotted along Old Ben Road.  Notably, my son and his friend encountered her on Old Ben Road while walking back to town after getting a flat tire.  She was dressed in a black dress and refused to talk when they asked if she had a cell phone.

Wild Bill

The "Dirty Moe" character of the casino is said to be based on "Wild Bill".
The “Dirty Moe” character of the casino is said to be based on “Wild Bill”.

George and Belle Lattimer owned a ranch where the Indian Springs casino is now located.  In 1906, George was bitten by an insect (maybe a Brown Recluse) and Belle hitched the wagon to take him into the doctor.  A 16 year old Paiute Indian boy named Coachie Siegmuller was left to watch the ranch.  While they were gone Coachie saw another Paiute named Bill “Wild Bill” Williams approached the ranch.  Wild Bill was known as a “Bad Indian” and Coachie was terrified of him. Williams was notorious for exploiting young Paiute men by hiring them out to local ranchers and then pocketing their wages.  Williams was there that day to collect some of these wages.   Finding no one home, Wild Bill stretched out on the porch and was soon fast asleep.  Coachie felt he needed to defend the ranch and fetched a rifle from the kitchen.  He silently crept up on Wild Bill and shot him in the head.  He pled guilty to the murder and was sentenced to death.  The Paiute reservation threatened to go to war over this and to keep the peace Coachie was sentenced three years in the Carson City prison.  The Lattimers buried Wild Bill behind the ranch. Dogs kept digging him up so he was buried a few times before he stayed put.
Sort of.

The presence of Wild Bill still manifests itself in the casino.  The ceiling fans in the cafe spin by themselves.  Cans fly off the pantry shelves.  Dishes and such  are occasionally shattered on the floor.

The casino is shaped like a cactus but previous owners painted brown over the green.
The casino is shaped like a cactus but previous owners painted brown over the green.

The Train

Las Vegas and Tonopah Railroad depot, Indian Springs, Nevada, 1915
Las Vegas and Tonopah Railroad depot, Indian Springs, Nevada, 1915

In 1906 Indian Springs became a way station and watering place for the Las Vegas and Tonopah Railroad.  The original rail line ran along what is now known as Winston Road.  The LV&T ceased operation in 1918.  But on quiet nights and sometimes during the day you can hear the train whistle blow.

[ed note: Someone still lives in the Depot on Winston Road.]

The Indian Bells

In the 1840’s and before the White Man came The Southern Paiute lived around the flat area near the natural springs where they grew crops of corn, gourds, pumpkins and other tasty veggies.  In 1858, the Mormons came through and named the place “Willow Springs” but that was later changed to “Indian Springs” because of well….the Indians.

The site of the original Paiute village is in the still vacant field behind to the current Post Office.  It’s the corner of Lincoln and MacFarland if you want to go look for yourself.  On quiet nights you can hear the sounds of bells as the long dead Indian celebrate.

The Bicycle Boy

This one is personal.  I was driving home from work at about 10:30 PM.  As I was about to turn into the Pioneer Mobile Home Park there at the corner of Clark and MacFarland I was horrified by the sound of me hitting “something”.  To make it worse I saw a body fly across the hood of my car.  Indian Springs is in need of some street lights and the kids tend to stroll up and down the roads on “dates”.  To make things worse they like to wear dark clothes.  I’m always on the alert to spot them but on this night I knew I hit one.

I jumped out of the car and found NOTHING.  No body. No kid.  Just me and my car on a dark road.

A few years earlier a boy was struck and killed by a car at that very spot.  Others have claimed to see him still crossing the road.  Sometimes on a bike.  Sometimes on foot.

The Old Man

Back in about 1994 an old man died in his bed of a massive heart attack.  The coroner reported that he had been “Scared to Death”.  To this day his ghost haunts the trailer on Boulder Lane telling current renters that “Everything will be all right.”

Any Indian Springers out there with better stories?



Readers in the comments mentioned humanoids being seen on the MacFarland and Fisher ranches.  Someone set us pictures.