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WikiLeaks Releases Osama Bin  Laden’s Porn

Seriously, how many of us have been curious about this? Read on Loyal Readers.


Panetta Pulled Trigger on Bin Laden, not Obama

C.I.A. Director Leon Panetta gave the “executive order” to launch Operation Geronimo after President Obama balked on three earlier dates. January, February and March of 201


Navy SEALS Magazine

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Bin Laden Porn Stash Revealed

It seems that Osama’s Been Wackin’ now that the DoD has revealed that a “Treasure Trove of Pornography” was found in Osama’s house. This comes on the tail of stories of bootleg DirectTV and American Idol Marathons. Along with a huge cache of Pepsi and . there were also cases of Kleenex and Vaseline Intensive [...]


Osama Been Lately- An Update

Osama bin Laden, still dead. Yeah I spelled it wrong up there. Sue me. What’s with the new spelling? “Usama”? Who are we kidding? Or more to the point whose ass are we kissing? Are we being “sensitive” to other people’s feelings? Are we not going to publish pictures of his shot up dead ass?  [...]

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Osama Sleeps with the Fishes

This is a great idea. I wish I had thought of it.


The Pakis are Pissed….and Stupid

Whether you post cartoons of Muhammad or kill their iconic leader, you know the Mooslums are going to be pissed. Sure as shit you know that the next thing to go is their spelling and grammar. Spotted this gem on the morning news….


OBL Rumors

SO much is being put up about Osama bin Laden. He’s dead. He’s not dead. He fought back. He screamed like a Girly Man.  Amadinejad (Holy Shit! I spelled that right the first time!) says OBL is in Washington D.C. He also said the OBL IS Barrack Obama.  OBL was located when he turned on [...]


This is Not the Real Picture of Dead Bin Laden

There is a picture floating on the Internets that is photoshopped almost as much as Obama’s birth certificate. Purportedly “Taken by my son who’s a sailor in the Navy”. We repost side by side proof that it’s all fake. Everyone wants to know how it all went down.  Super Secret Dudes, Fog of War, Political [...]


Seal Team Six Gets it Done

It was announced that it was SEAL Team Six that punched Osama Bin Laden’s ticket to Allah. No ordinary SEAL Team, ST6 is recruited from other active teams. Truly the Best of the Best.  Their Area of Operation is the most sensitive assignments. Often operating outside of normal legal barriers, SEAL Team Six gets it [...]