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Odd Facts that Happen to be True

There are a Bazillion odd fact pages on the Internets. Duck quacks don’t echo and cat piss glows in the dark. Yeah, yeah, but we have Hitler’s home phone number.


What is Your Spirit Animal?

Take a quiz to find out which animal guides and protects you. NOT INTO QUIZZES WATCH SOME VIDEOS https://youtu.be/lnjHK_UQkdM https://youtu.be/VSdFPaaJIoc   https://youtu.be/LwEqZ2M52oM   https://youtu.be/iVPLZMyAw_Y https://youtu.be/-FkllRO7dMU   https://youtu.be/RKbCjEsBRXE         https://youtu.be/iFOXcpuz5r4    


The Death of Loretta Fuddy

On December 11, 2013, about 1522 Hawaiian standard time, a Cessna 208B, N687MA, operated by Makani Kai Air ditched into the ocean near Kalaupapa, Hawaii. The flight departed from the Kalaupapa Airport on the island of Molokai bound for the Honolulu International Airport on the island of Oahu. There were eight passengers aboard. Loretta Fuddy was the only fatality in a very survivable crash.


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Slug Bug Don’t Slug Back

Jamie, Rosie and I play Slug Bug all the time.  But there are rules. Car lots don’t count. The neighbor’s bug doesn’t count. The color has to be accurate.  Mint not Green. Never slug the driver. THE SCORING         Yeah, they don’t count. QUIZ Special Bugs score three points. We also play [...]



These videos are within youtube’s community standards. Do not click on videos if children are present. WARNING
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The Death of Rich Russell

Since his tragic death, Rich Russell has become a legend in the world of aviation.


True Humor in World War Two

At one point in the Italian Campaign, the U.S. Army Air Force built a dummy airfield to confuse the Germans and get them to attack it instead of the nearby real airfield. The Germans saw it and dropped dummy bombs on the dummy airfield.   Two British columns were passing by each. Field Marshall Montgomery [...]


Things You Notice When Your Old

Children should not dress up as policemen. That goes for the military as well. You have a pill box. Periods show up randomly until they’re a wistful memory. Depends start looking like a good idea. Men sit when they pee. You stop driving because your car gives you sass-mouth. That $1000 mortgage you paid off [...]


My Mom’s Last Story

My Mother went to her grave saying, “Hitler was a Good Man.  He was like Nixon.  He had bad advisors.” Before I get into this it might be a good idea to read this post. I’m not a Nazi, But My Mom Was Mom told stories to me all my life.  I became a World [...]