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OMG He Posted Something

Yes I’ve gone a whole month without posting. You want to know why?


Obamacare Cares

Starting in October 2014 treatment codes that your doctor will use expands from about 13,000 to 85,000. To insure you have proper care and are billed correcting the codes not only describe your condition (described down to individual bones, muscles, eyelashes or whatever you have on-board) but the circumstances that lead to your injury or condition. Hilarity ensues…

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Whale Found Dead

A sperm whale has been found washed ashore dead.


Adventures in the Nevada Health Exchange

Jamie and I finally knuckled under and decided to register on the Nevada Heath Exchange. I figured we sign up and I’d bang out a quick post about the experience. Not so fast Sports Fan.


Obama’s Honeymoon with CBS is Over

While the relationship has been on rocky ground, Obama’s honeymoon with CBS news is over. They might even be heading for a divorce. CBS news reporter puts two stakes into Obamacare at a recent White House press conference. The president himself was at the podium and working without a net.


More Kabuki Theater from Obama

“The Pregnant Lady Speech” is yet more Kabuki Theater from President Obama. Will he ever be straight forth and honest with the American People?


“If You Like Your Health Care Plan You Can Keep It!”

Maybe you won’t like it as much now that Obamacare has kicked in. The Nevada Health Exchange has some fun “facts” you might like to know about.


Is Jojo and The United Healthcare Group a Hoax?

“This is my daughter Jojo, United Health Care dropped her from my group in 2009 and gave us no reason.”


I saw this picture on Facebook and it broke my heart. Because it’s supposed to break my heart. Then I read the caption again and said to myself, “Self, something is fishy here”.