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North Korea Mobilizes for War with U.S.

Well…at least they’re trying….


My Dad was Walter J. Chamberlain Jr. He served in the Army from 1937 until 1967. In 1967 his division at Fort Carson was alerted for Vietnam. He said, “I got clipped in Italy and then again in Korea. Some Shave-Tail Butter Bar is going to get me killed in Vietnam”. So with 33 years service (including time in C.C.C.’s) he retired.


Marine Fighter Pilot Dies at 86

Colonel Ed McMahon (USMC, retired) died today.


NO DONG Missile on Launch Pad

April 2 — Amid reports that it is fueling a missile for launch as soon as this weekend, North Korea escalated threats on Thursday against a worried neighbor, warning that it would attack “major targets” in Japan if Tokyo shot the missile down.North Korea has shifted MiG-23 fighter jets to its east coast, near the [...]

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