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2016 NFL Opener was Bullshit

The Broncos had a rookie quarterback, so the defense went head hunting.


The New England Patriots

It has to come that point in the season that our Beloved New England Patriots have chosen to spend more time with their families.

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The Lucky Puppy Football League

The Lucky Puppy is hosting a fantasy football league this year. The draft is Wednesday at 4pm EST.  Leave a comment if you want to join.  There is a new link up in the nav bar. You can also message me on  facebook to get the password.  Hurry. LINK TO THE LEAGUE MY FOOTBALL LINGO [...]


Undefeated Dolphins Invited to White House

After 41 years the 1972 “Undefeated” Miami Dolphins get invited to the White House.


Super Bowl Drinking Game 2013

Make your Super Bowl party the best ever. Play our SUPER BOWL DRINKING GAME! Just print out a bunch of the card below and bring your own booze. If you don’t want to drink alcohol, bet on something else. Soda, Pizza, clothing ,sex acts, whatever.


NFL Replacement Refs

As the controversy over the Replacement Referees grows, we at The Lucky Puppy offer our perspective.


My Football Lingo

It has come to my attention that I sometimes scream at the TV. Especially during Football games. To allay concerns of family and friends I humbly offer some of my Football Lingo.


NFL Greatest Hits

Compared to the “Old Days”, professional football seems tame. Roughing kicker, pass interference, face masking and horse collaring are all penalties which have been meant to make football a safer sport. At one time, football was banned for fear of someone getting killed. Here are some reminders of how rough it can get. Some newer [...]



Here are a few plays that leave you thinking “WTF???” Wait for the last play on this one. At 3:14. +


Football Follies

Do you think Sunday’s game will add to this list? Personally, I think of Dolphin kicker Gara Yepremian, on January 14th, 1973. In one play Garo Yepremian.. Missed the field goal. Forgot he was a kicker. Thought he was a quarterback He forgot he’s left-handed Threw an interception Allowed the defense to score a touchdown [...]

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