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Police Dance Off

Police dance offs have lit up on Twitter.  Who wins? https://youtu.be/ed-PSP8hhUE https://youtu.be/PxID9C064UQ https://youtu.be/r4n0n6hE7kE https://youtu.be/VTM7amVcBsA https://youtu.be/XL9kgDccSHY https://youtu.be/fUvPHFhpqIE https://youtu.be/Y-UgjAWrsKg https://youtu.be/5ywAz5ba9Qs https://youtu.be/_LwNr9nAyYM FIND REPLIES AND POST LINKS IN THE COMMENTS.


Big Bang/Trueblood Mash Up

WHOA! Did I see that?  CBS had a last season super chunk of The Big Bang Theory last night.  Check out the very last scene of The Staircase Implementation. It’s seven years earlier and Kaley Couco (Penny) is sitting on her bed checking an EPT. Check out her boyfriend sitting on the bed with her. [...]