WWII Survivor Warns of SOCIALISM

Everything Kitty Werthmann said about the Nazis was what my Mom wanted to happen in America.  My Mom was a Nazi, but I’m not.


  • The Nazis were Socialists first.
  • Hitler gave everyone a radio. Obama gave everyone a cell phone and Internet access.
  • German newspapers were controlled by the Nazi Party.  Our media today is controlled by the Left.
  • The Nazi Party supported equal rights.
  • The Nazi Party guaranteed everyone an income.
  • To equalize the wealth of Germany with all Germans, they raised taxes to 70%.
  • Nazis offered subsidized housing.
  • Nazis offered food stamps.
  • The Nazis paid you for each of your children.
  •  They abolished “stay @ home moms”.  Everyone worked.
  • If you didn’t work you were labeled a parasite of the State and eventually gassed.
  • They made euthanasia legal, free and in some cases, mandatory.
  • Nazi’s provided free, 24/7 child care for any age.
  • Nazi child care and education indoctrinated the kids with Nazi ideology. They taught the kids to listen to the State rather than their own parents.  No child was left behind.
  • Prayer was abolished from schools.
  • Church attendance was abolished by making political meetings on Sunday mandatory.
  • Membership in the Hitler Youth (Boy Scouts) was mandatory.  Please note how today out Boy Scouts are becoming more “inclusive” and liberal.
  • Abortion was illegal.
  • 16 year old girls were encouraged to have babies.
  • If girls were pregnant with “genetically inferior babies”, the State provided free, mandatory abortions.
  • The Nazis nationalized Health Care. Hmmmmm?
  • They controlled businesses with health and safety regulations. OSHA?
  • The Nazis demanded more bathrooms.
  • The Nazis fought crime.
  • The Nazis fought violent crime.
  • The Nazis said that violent criminals were using guns.
  • The Nazis made gun registration mandatory to help investigate violent crime.
  • The Nazis made registered gun owners turn in their guns to “control crime”.
  • Turning in guns seemed logical because ammunition was made too expensive.
  • The Nazis formed a national secret police, the GESTAPO.  Have you noticed what our FBI has been doing in the last few years.
  • Germans were encouraged to inform on the neighbors, friends, family and parents.  Obama established a nation White House hotline to let you inform the White House of any criticism of Obama.  Hillary said that her first executive order was to abolish criticism of the President.  Now the Left accuses President Trump of the same thing.


My Mom’s Last Story

My Mother went to her grave saying, “Hitler was a Good Man.  He was like Nixon.  He had bad advisors.”

Before I get into this it might be a good idea to read this post.

I’m not a Nazi, But My Mom Was

Mom told stories to me all my life.  I became a World War Two historian to prove she was a lying Bitch.

“Have another scotch Mom. Tell me another story”

One by one, I learned that she was telling the truth.  She was a farmer’s daughter living in Insterburg, East Prussia.

Insterburg, East Prussia


She was very proud of Insterburg.  They had the first panzer division.  The first Stuka squadron.  The first SS division. Come on Mom, how could all these “firsts” happen in your farm village.  Well for one, Insterburg was a city of  41,230 people in 1933.  East Prussia was separated from Germany after World War One.  It was far from the prying eyes of the Versailles Treaty.  A perfect place for Hitler to covertly convert  glider clubs into Luftwaffe squadrons.  The first panzer units were formed there.  In fact the Panzer I was based on a  Soviet design.


Hitler had the Bomb

Mom always said the German scientists made the first Atomic Bomb.  That the one dropped on Hiroshima was a German design.  In 1982, Mom was dying of cancer and had six months to live. She came to see me in Texas.  Through the booze and the drugs, she tried desperately tried to get through to me. One of the last things she told me was:

“Wherever you go.  Whatever you do.  Remember, Mein Hut hat Drie Ecke.” 

Sure Mom, your hat has three corners. Whatever.

This story put in the bullshit pile until Christmas 1998.  My good friend Andy knew I liked UFO’s and Nazis and gave me a book that combined the two.  The book was Reich of the Black Sun– Nazi Secret Weapons and The Cold War Allied Legend”.  Nazi UFO’s, yeah yeah. Whatever.  Nazi time machine, yeah, yeah.  Whatever.  Then I turned the page and my life changed.

Black Sun

What the Hell?

Not only that but it was tested in the Baltic Sea off of East Prussia.  Everyone in East Prussia had a story about how the sun came up one night.  Even my Oma (Grandmother), a staunch Weimar Republic woman had her own story. Have you ever wondered why the Americans tested the second bomb and not the first?  They already knew the first one worked.

All Our Ammunition was Sabotaged

When the Russians attacked Konigsberg they had to abandon the city.  Mom said that they had enough troops and enough guns to defend the city but all the ammunition was sabotaged.  I didn’t believe this one.  How can you sabotage train loads of ammunition.  But then I watched “Schindler’s List”.

Hitler Didn’t Die in Berlin

Mom used to go on drunken rants about Hitler surviving WW2. I dismissed it as wishful thinking. However, Mom was in Berlin in May of 1945 and the city was rive with rumors of Hitler’s escape. In the book, Grey Wolf-The Escape of Adolf Hitler; the book concerns the allegations by its makers that Adolf Hitler did not die in his Berlin bunker in 1945 but escaped, along with Eva Braun and several other Nazi officials, to Argentina and lived six miles east of Bariloche. Hitler’s escape was organized by Martin Bormann, who also fled to Argentina, and was aided and abetted by the Government of Juan Perón. Hitler died in Argentina alone, poor and mentally ill in 1962,[2] leaving behind a wife and at least one child.

While the claim is fantastic, to date there is no evidence that Hitler and Eva Braun died in the Berlin bunker or that their bodies were burned. The skull fragments and jaw that the Soviets claimed were of Hitler have been tested for DNA and turn out to be female. Today’s facial recognition software has proven that the guy handing out medals to the Hitler Youth was not Hitler but a body double.


Here we come to Mom’s Last Story.  The biggest whopper of them all.

The Holocaust was Allied Propaganda

This is NOT about Holocaust denial.  I know the Holocaust happened.  I did not understand what Mom was telling me.  From her perspective.  Just last year, I figured it out.  While researching Hitler’s stolen art, I came across a video explaining that the movies and pictures of the Holocaust were made by the Allies.  At General Eisenhower’s direct order.

This scene is completely accurate.  Faced with the dilemma of all these liberated prisoners in many different  countries, the Allies were swamped and did not have the resources to simply free the prisoners.  Along with the food issue many camps were infected with Typhus, Cholera, Dysentery and other deadly diseases that simple could not be allowed to escape.

After the war, the prisoners kept dying.  Eisenhower’s photographers took pictures as the bodies stacked up. Ike then published those pictures and said they were of Nazi origin.  That this is exactly what soldiers found when they liberated the camps. The logical thing to do was to reopen the ovens but that was forbidden.

Mom was right 90% of what is taught today is Allied propaganda.

Now look at these pictures and think of what you see.

Mass Grave
The Dead

The Allies dug mass graves and buried the dead.  Standard Operating Procedure.   I ask you to do what I did.  Go look at Holocaust pictures of the camps.  Try to see the difference of genuine Nazi pictures, what they did  and Post War Allied pictures.  Do not be deceived when you see German soldiers burying the dead.  That was work the German POW’s and civilians did.