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Dragon Arriving

DRAGON Arriving.

For the first time since Atlantis in July 2011, an American spacecraft has arrived at the International Space Station (ISS). Privately built by SPACEX, the Dragon spacecraft completed a three day unmanned mission to the ISS delivering over a ton of supplies.


NASA Moves Forward on Orion

Construction has begun on the Orion Multi Purpose Crew Vehicle. Orion was originally part of the Constellation System that would have taken American Astronauts back to the Moon and even Mars. The Obama administration killed Constellation but then reversed itself to retool Orion into the Space Launch System (SLS). SLS will deliver crew and supplies [...]


Odd Things are Afoot on the ISS

ISS is the International Space Station. For the last 160 billion dollars the Space Station has been “International”. The United States, Russia, Europe, Canada and even Japan have worked together to design and build this permanent presence in orbit around the Earth. In 2012, the last addition (from Russia) will go up and complete the construction.


Robonaut 2

Did anyone noticed I mentioned that a ROBOT was going into space aboard the Discovery?


Good Bye Voyager- Thanks for All the Fish

As the solar winds die down to zero, the spacecraft Voyager leaves the Solar system and becomes the first man made machine to enter interstellar space. This event has happened last June. Or it might happen within four years. Things get sketchy way out there.


NASA Throws a Yard Sale

NASA announced today that since they don’t need them anymore, they are GIVING AWAY their space shuttles.


NASA is Throwing a Yard Sale

NASA announced today that since they don’t need them anymore, they are GIVING AWAY their space shuttles. All you have to do is pony up for the shipping and handling.  That might be around 30 million bucks.  Oh…you have to be a museum to qualify and the Smithsonian already has dibbs on Discovery. The last [...]


Shuttle Fini Flights

The Shuttle Atlantis blasted off for the last time yesterday for a planned 12 day mission (STS-132).
There are two remaining flights in the program. Discovery (STS133) will fly on or about 16 September, 2010. Endeavor (STS134) will be the last Shuttle in orbit in mid November, 2010.


Max Launch Abort System

NASA’s Max Launch Abort System Test from PopSci.com on Vimeo. This is a test of a proposed escape system for the Orion Spaceship. Oriion will be the next manned system to replace the Shuttle if it survives budget cuts. The Orion design currently has an escape rocket similar to the Apollo system. MLAS is an [...]


Apollo 11

Where were you on 20 July, 1969? I was fishing at Pinto Lake, California with The Boy Scouts. We listened to the landing on the radio. When it was announced that the crew would skip their crew rest and go directly yo the EVA (the moon walk) we beached the boats and haul assed home [...]