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First Test Flight of Dream Chaser Deemed Success

The first full scale flight test of Dream Chaser was conducted on 26 October, 2013 at Edwards Air Force, California. The unmanned gliding test was hailed by SNC as a success. Except for that skidding off the runway part.


UFO Hoax Video Dishonors Columbia Heroes

Here’s a change of pace. A UFO video that I DON’T believe.


Odd Monuments

“Hell yeah, let’s build a statue here” -No one in particular.


Mercury Astronaut Scott Carpenter Dies at 88

If being the second American and third man to orbit the Earth wasn’t enough. Scott Carpenter became part of NASA history when he said “Godspeed John Glenn” as Glenn’s orbital flight cleared the tower.


Where were You when Apollo 11 Landed on the Moon?

Today is the anniversary of Apollo 11 launching to the Moon.


Most Expensive Music Video in History

At a whopping $150 Billion with a “B” U.S. dollars, a video of a David Bowie cover debuted yesterday. Granted, most of the money went to set construction and location scouting.


Saturn V Engines Recovered from Atlantic

Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos funded a year long search that has recovered two F-1 Engines from 14,000 feet of water.

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Neil Armstrong, Dead at 82

Neil Armstrong has died at 82. We are going to skip the “Giant Leap” analogies that are bombarding the Internet.

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Curiosity Lands Safely on Mars

Mars 5 August, 2012- At 2233 HRS PST the NASA rover Curiosity landed safely on Mars. At 50 million miles it was about 200 meters off target. About 30 minutes to touch down, controllers at the Pasadena Jet Propulsion Laboratory disconnected control of Curiosity. Becoming the ultimate in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Curiosity then flew herself to a perfect landing.

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Astronaut Sally Ride Dead at 61

After a 17-month battle with pancreatic cancer, Astronaut Sally Ride died on 23 July, 2012.
Ride joined NASA in 1978, and in 1983 (STS-7, Challenger) became the first American woman in space.She was 32 at the time which also made her the youngest astronaut.