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Like life, you parent in stages.  You learn as you go. CLICK HERE  


WWII Survivor Warns of SOCIALISM

Everything Kitty Werthmann said about the Nazis was what my Mom wanted to happen in America. My Mom was a Nazi, but I’m not.


I’m not a Nazi, but My Mom Was

That’s my Mom on the bicycle seat. Age 13.

My Mom was born in East Prussia in 1923. It was a geographically separate part of Germany. Like Alaska or Hawaii. She grew up on a farm


Oh Shit, I’ve Become My Mother

Have you ever sat down and thought of why you do the things you do? Little things. Quirky things. Did you think of them yourself or were you taught?


Halloween Costumes

What’s Halloween if not a chance to dress up in a wacky, spooky, sexy or politically incorrect costume? Here are some from our scrapbook. For the record that was me going through the drive up window at Burger King on my way to a Halloween party. My Mom died just before Halloween in 1983. A [...]


Late Enough

I don’t know how many times I’ve said, “It’s wrong to be early at a party, let’s be late.” Since I’ve spent my life working at night, keeping up to an alarm is pure torture (and not in that good torture way like you pay extra in Vegas for). So when I started reading Late [...]

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Calling All Moms

Calling all Moms.  Comm check how do you read?  A Loyal Reader has pointed out that this site just might be NOT MOM FRIENDLY.  Wow? Who’d a thunk?  I thought I was doing a real good job of being Mom Friendly.  Who else has a section of their site dedicated to Jokes About Men? I [...]