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Parachutes for Planes

What a GREAT IDEA! I had the opportunity to meet Boris Popov, founder of the BRS company that created the Ballistic Recovery System.  I refueled his airplane and asked about the parachute in the back window.  Like a proud father, he told me exactly how the system works.  Much to the consternation of the Air [...]


Best Duct Tape Story EVER!!

During a private fly-in fishing excursion into the Alaskan wilderness, the chartered pilot and fishermen left a cooler full of bait in the plane.

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747 Crashes at Bagram Airport

A National Air Cargo Boeing 747-400 freighter on behalf of US Mobility Command, registration N949CA performing cargo flight N8-102 from Bagram (Afghanistan) to Dubai Al Maktoum (United Arab Emirates) with 7 crew and cargo consisting of 5 military vehicles, has crashed shortly after takeoff


As I turned to the runway, 269 was just lifting off and “flop” the left wing folds up. I was thinking, “Where’s this thing going to crash?”


My Dad was Walter J. Chamberlain Jr. He served in the Army from 1937 until 1967. In 1967 his division at Fort Carson was alerted for Vietnam. He said, “I got clipped in Italy and then again in Korea. Some Shave-Tail Butter Bar is going to get me killed in Vietnam”. So with 33 years service (including time in C.C.C.’s) he retired.


“Hurry Up”- Grandma Has the Right Stuff

It’s the nightmare scenario. You’re up flying with your husband and suddenly he slumps over the controls. What do you do?


Boeing’s Gear Won’t Go Down Again

Right on the heels of the 767 gear mishap in Poland, now the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is having problems. The pilots flying the two 787’s delivered to All Nippon Airways had to extend the landing manually when normal hydraulic systems failed. Boeing and ANA reported the glitches today just two weeks after the aircraft entered service in Japan.


Polish 767 Lands with the Gear Up

Warsaw- Polish Airlines Flight 016 from New York City bound for Warsaw, Poland landed with the gear up today. After circling Warsaw and failing to extend the landing gear the LOT airline pilot brought her on in.

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FLOTUS Nearly (kinda) Almost Killed in Mid Air Mishap!

Not. The 737 with Michelle Obama (FLOTUS) on board was stacked behind an Air Force C-17 on approach for landing at Andrews AFB. The 737 should have maintained a five mile separation but had closed to THREE MILES. OMG! The HORROR!! The Media is all atwitter proclaiming this the ESCAPE FROM CERTAIN DEATH by the [...]


They Think You may have Hit Somebody

JFK Tower: “Air France, they think you may have hit somebody, so hold there and we’ll get back to you. Stand by.”You think? Watch this video.The Air France Airbus 380 (Flight AF007) hits the tail of a Comair Bombardier CJR-700 (Flight 6293).Watching the video I thought of two things.“Please remain seated with your seat belt [...]