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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370???

I know my readership has a wealth of aviation knowledge and the crash is rife with speculation. I invite you to post your theory.


Boeing 777 Crashes at SFO

An Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 flight 214 with 307 souls on board crashed on landing. The crew had declared an emergency and was cleared to land. Initial videos show that the aircraft had a ramp strike on the approach end over run.


Soldier Sucked Out of Aircraft

The U.S. Army, 5th Special Forces Group was conducting a training jump. The jump-master was surveying the drop site when his reserve parachute accidentally deployed. The soldier was immediately sucked out of the back of the C-130 Hercules aircraft. Uninjured in the mishap, he landed some 31 miles from the drop zone.


FA-18 Explodes on U.S.S. Stennis

A mishap occurred during flight operations aboard the U.S.S. John C. Stennis (CVN-74). The  aircraft was on a training cruise on the Southern Californian coast. Early reports say that an engine installed on an FA-18 fighter jet exploded injuring 10 sailors on the flight deck. Although 4 were airlifted to hospital in San Diego, the [...]


Tower Asleep at the Switch

When American Airlines Flight 1900 could not raise the tower at Reagan International Airport, the controller at the Potomac Terminal Radar Approach tries to help. Here are some highlights…. Potomac: “Just so you’re aware, the tower is apparently not manned. We’ve made a few phone calls. No one’s answered. … So you can expect to [...]


Missing Raptor Found

An Elemendorf AFB, Alaska F-22A Raptor disappeared during routine training mission at 1940 Hours, 16 November 2010. After two days of searching, the crash site has been located 100 miles north of Elemendorf AFB, Alaska.


A380 Engine Explodes in Flight

Fifteen minutes into a Quantas airline flight Qf34 from Singapore to Sidney, the number two engine exploded.


Malware Downs Spanair Flight 5022

The National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) announced in it’s findings of the crash of Spanair flight 5022 that a computer virus is the root cause.


Flight Recorder Survives Guatemalan Crash

Guatemalan Flight’s Data-Recording Parrot Holds Clues To Crash


Air France HOAX!

Emails are circulating with pictures supposedly taken during the crash of Air France flight 447. They are a complete hoax. They are stills from the pilot of the television series “Lost”. See the proof here. The investigation of the loss of Flight 447 continues but hopes in finding the cockpit and flight recorders are dwindling. [...]