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Putin Didn’t Say It But He Might’ve Said This

So this meme is floating around the Internets. A sharp eyed Loyal Reader called shenanigans on me while reading our Facebook Fan Page. So I said, "In for the penny, in for the pound." No wait, I said, "Can't dance. too wet to plow." Maybe I said, "You keep the doctor you like."


This Seat is Taken

Apparently President Obama was watching the RNC convention. He (or maybe his staff) tweeted a riposte to Clint Eastwood's "Empty Chair". Allow us to retort...


Mckayla Maroney- Our Favorite

Mckayla Maroney is our fav here at the Lucky Puppy. In our humble opinion, she has the star power that the rest of the Fab Five lack. She has transcended from falling on her ass and missing Olympic gold (twice). She leaves London with a Gold Medal and more Olympic swag than those bitches from Russia and Romania.