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If your Roomba just spins and spins in mindless circles, the problem might be her wheels.


How Do I Talk to a Crew Chief?

There are many times when it is necessary to actually talk to a Dedicated Crew Chief. You might be a pilot preparing to fly and want to know if the jet you’re climbing into is safe. You might be a new flight chief who never had the privilege of being a DCC and are trying to figure out how to make these people work. You might be MARRIED to a crew chief and trying to convince them beer and pistachios aren’t the only food that needs to be in the house.

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The History of Crew Chiefs

A Crew Chief is responsible for the day to day condition of the aircraft assigned to them. The best crew chiefs are assigned to fighter squadrons. Real crew chiefs have nothing what so ever to do with NASCAR. Why would they? Crew chiefs that fuck up really bad or show no talent work on helicopters [...]