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Cafepress is Shadowing Blocking Me

Cafepress will not publish anything that has been on the Internets, or copyrighted or images of celebrities. A “pending” image is one they’ve blocked, pending you removal of the offending image. Sure some are legit, but take a look at some of these:


Man Charged with Having  Sex with Alligator

You’re never going to believe this…


The Minnow was a Sturdy Old Boat

The Minnow was a sturdy old boat. She had spent many years fishing the waters of Hawaii. A 1964 Wheeler, she was 38 feet, six inches from stem to stern. Each of her twin Detroit diesel engines produced 230 horsepower. Together that gave the Minnow a top speed of 14 knots but she liked to cruise at twelve. This suited her skipper, Jonas just fine. He had bought her at auction and put in a lot of “sweat equity” into her tired old hull. That was four years ago and now she was docked at the Honolulu Marina. Her brand new paint job of white sparkled in the Hawaiian sun. The Minnow was Jonas’ pride and joy.


I Got Carried Away with the Photoshop Thing

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