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The Atomic Bomb

Take it from One,
Who Knows the Score,
The 509th,
Is Winning the War.

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Japan Commissions a….um…..Destroyer

Japan’s pacifist constitution renounces the use of force for purposes other than self-defense. That means the country has no offensive arsenal of long-range missiles, aircraft carriers or similar weapons of aggression. But…..


Songs for Japan

So the folks over at Twitter are doing #songsfor japan. It’s all touchy-feeley over there, let’s feel sorry for them and all that.


Japan Earthquake/ Tsunami Jokes

We here at The Lucky Puppy try to hold ourselves to higher standards of kindness and understanding. We have therefore refrained from publishing cheap jokes at the expense of the people suffering in Japan…..until now. I just rung my Japanese friend to make sure he was okay and all he did was go on about [...]

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For months thereafter, the retainers and the domestics lived in ceaseless fear of ghostly visitation.