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Most Expensive Music Video in History

At a whopping $150 Billion with a “B” U.S. dollars, a video of a David Bowie cover debuted yesterday. Granted, most of the money went to set construction and location scouting.


NASA Moves Forward on Orion

Construction has begun on the Orion Multi Purpose Crew Vehicle. Orion was originally part of the Constellation System that would have taken American Astronauts back to the Moon and even Mars. The Obama administration killed Constellation but then reversed itself to retool Orion into the Space Launch System (SLS). SLS will deliver crew and supplies [...]


Odd Things are Afoot on the ISS

ISS is the International Space Station. For the last 160 billion dollars the Space Station has been “International”. The United States, Russia, Europe, Canada and even Japan have worked together to design and build this permanent presence in orbit around the Earth. In 2012, the last addition (from Russia) will go up and complete the construction.