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Trump Goes to Iraq

President Trump and the First Lady visited U.S. troops in Iraq on the day after Christmas.


Nick Buys a Tank and Finds a Crackerjack Prize Inside

Nick Mead buys a Russian tank and you won’t believe what was found inside.



I want those who voted for Obama and his “I’ll end the war in Iraq” promise to justify your vote. You better get the kids out of the room for this one, this isn’t a video about cats.


The F-14 Tomcat in Combat

“F Arba Ashara! Yalla! Yalla!” In English, that’s “F-14! RUN! RUN!”. A common radio call for Iraqi fighter pilots in the Eighties.

The Tomcat made its combat debut during Operation Frequent Wind, the evacuation of American citizens from Saigon, in April 1975. F-14As from Fighter Squadron 1 (VF-1) and VF-2, operating from the USS Enterprise (CVN-65), flew combat air patrols over South Vietnam to provide fighter cover for the evacuation route. Tomcats of the U.S. Navy shot down two Libyan Su-22’s on 19 August 1981.

But Iranian F-14’s had been blasting Iraqi MiGs out of the sky since September, 1980.


President Obama Draws a Red Line in the Sand

“Bush Lied, People Died”. Remember the good old days? The mission objective of Operation Iraqi Freedom was to wrest weapons of mass destruction from Saddam Hussein. Weapons that our intelligence reports said he had and weapons he had was known to have used against his own people. But alas, no wmds were found. Evil George Bush started a war on false pretenses. He was getting even because of his Daddy. He was a big fat liar. Well…..sort of.

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Pepsi Does not Hate America

“I know that many people know that there is a war with America and Iraq, but the last straw is where a worldwide company, that started in America, betrays it’s soul country for profit.I’m talking about Pepsi. I recently found out that American soldier, Roland Martinez, who was cleaning up the remains of a public [...]

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Combat Operations Have Ended

Just like when President Bush said it


Iraqis Enforce Waiting Period

In The Know: New Iraqi Law Requires Waiting Period For Suicide Vest Purchases


Those Wacky Arabs

I dare you to comment.


Beheading Video

WARNING! MAY BE TOO INTENSE FOR SOME VIEWERS!! Hostage Video – The best video clips are here