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Footage from Blogher 2010 is starting to surface on the web. Sparklecorn seems to have been a hit. Go back and click that Sparklecorn link because I want you to be humming this song ALL DAY TODAY. Alcohol seems to have been present. Please note than Alex appears to be happy and enjoying herself and [...]


Text Message Saves Flight

A quick-thinking air traffic controller’s texting saved an aircraft with five people on board which had lost all communications and electrical power.


windows-privacy-protection SCAM

This is no joke!!! The little fuckers at windows-privacy-protection.com are sending out a vicious little malware disguised as a spyware pop detector that looks like a microsoft windows product. “Click here to update Windows Security”. Yeah right. I fell for it. It hijacks your browser. Kills your task manager and reroutes it to a site [...]


Do Follow Blogs

Google tries to limit spam by inserting a “no follow” command into website code. While eliminating spam it also does not allow web crawlers to see the content of reader comments.The Do Follow movement strives to remove the “no follow” tag and allow reader’s comments to be heard and …well…followed.We appreciate reader interaction on this [...]


Stumbling Around StumbleUpon

It’s nice to to read a good website over morning coffee. This happened today when fellow stumbler DeMerchant sent me his site. Awash in a sea of the meaningless emo flotsum of MySpace and YouTube, StumbleUpon is an island of quality. Sometimes. As it has gained in popularity, Stumbleupon has had its share of flotsam. [...]

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If you don’t know this, I participate in Stumbleupon.com.Each stumbler has a blog and these include a avatar and a statement of introduction. For example, this is my avartar. My intro line is:“It’s better to Loved and Lost than have to with live a Psycho Bitch.”As I’ve stumbled I’ve come across other unique, imaginative and [...]


Stumble Upon

I’m a big fan of stumbleupon.com. If you are reading this, I hope you are too. As an experiment, please give this post a thumbs up. As you go through my older posts, select one from the bar on the right and give a thumbs up to the ones you like or even a thumbs [...]


John Edwards Flames Out on YouTube

This is an interview that John Edwards did for YouTube. He has a nice go of it until the “Shotgun Round”. It comes near the end of the interview. Pay close attention to his answers….This is how the “Shotgun Round” went:To each issue he was to answer if he thought it was a Right or [...]


Odd News

Singer Signs Sony Contract from her Basement13 April, 2007London singer Sandi Thom landed a million Pound recording contract with Sony after staging concerts in her home and web casting them. Her debut album “Smile. It Confuses People” comes out in June.Read more here.

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