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Laugh, love try and not throw up a little.  But by all means……use them. CLICK HERE FOR ALL OF THEM

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Fake Craig’s Generator in Photoshop

If you’ve been following our Facebook feed you’ll have noticed fake Tweets from the president. Here’s a Photoshop template for a fake Craig’s List post. For fun and parody. Fun. Not ex-vengeance. Fun. Did we mention “Fun”?


How to Kill that Fucking Incredibar!

It’s not good when your anti-virus keeps warning you about your start page.


Bad Lip Reading

You need to watch these and go subscribe to Bad Lip Reading on YouTube. I did.


Who is Hacking Your Computer?

Nigerian bankers, melissa, cookie monster, Flame, Creeper, Animal, Wabbit, Diplom, Elk Horner, Stoned, Jeruselem, Christmas Tree EXEC, Ping Pong, Ghostball, Michelangelo, concept, ILOVEYOU, viruses,malware,worms,hijackers, fork bombs, phishers, key trackers. Where in the Hell do these things come from? Who does this shit?


What the Hell is SOPA??

Many websites are going dark today to protest the passage of the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act (SOPA). It was introduced in the House last October. As usually lately, Congress is moving forward on the legislature without really knowing what this Bill really does. Under the banner of protecting movie and [...]


Vista Security 2012…A Really Bad Virus

Vista Security 2012 is a really bad virus. There are a lot of fixes and removal “tools” out there. Here’s my take on one that’s legit. Click here to see this on YouTube.


Google is Misspelled

Google is a spelling mistake. A googolplex is a very…very large number. In 1996, Larry Page and Sergey Brin wrote a search engine for the world wide web. They called it Backrub. Larry’s office was in room 360 in the B Wing of the Gates Computer Science Building on the Stanford Campus. Larry and his [...]


Forget Something?

You ever have that nagging feeling you’re forgetting something?  Did you pay the rent? Hugged a kid? Posted a comment? You know?  The Important Stuff. I just updated my Comment Luv. So register for it so you can leave Grooovy Comments on this here blog.  We promise to not sell your Soul (or cookies) to [...]


Why Blog at All?

I write this blog to give my friends a break. Rather than spamming them with a bazillion fowarded emails I have chosen to leave most of the good ones right here (and here, and here too) where they can find them if they want to. I do reserve the right to Spam you if I [...]