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Organizations that Refuse to Seperate Kids

Now that the meds have kicked in and President Trump has stopped separating kids, we here at the Lucky puppy would like to recognize other organizations that are loving, caring and humane. NBC’s attempt to equate airlines with the government is asinine.   Hey Democratics in Congress!  Stop whining and change the law. Comprehensive, fair [...]


The Mexican 300


Our Founding Illegals

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The Anti-Michael Savage Protest

Right off the get-go I need to tell you that I’m a big fan of Michael Savage. If you listen to his radio talk show, you’ll discover he is NOT a right wing radical. He has been known to blast both sides of the aisle on issues. What I like most about him is that [...]


John Edwards Flames Out on YouTube

This is an interview that John Edwards did for YouTube. He has a nice go of it until the “Shotgun Round”. It comes near the end of the interview. Pay close attention to his answers….This is how the “Shotgun Round” went:To each issue he was to answer if he thought it was a Right or [...]


Immigration-The Bucket Theory

So if you’ve been following the latest in Congressional antics you know that they are crafting a Amnesty Bill for illegal aliens.Isn’t that special.The Bucket TheoryPicture a bucket being filled from a spigot. The water pouring in is the mass “migration” of illegals. The bucket is the United States. The water in the bucket are [...]