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Hurricane Florence

We here in Charleston like to call her “Flo”. https://youtu.be/KFBR_2R-6gQ You know it’s serious when Walmart closes for a week.  Driving around Summerville, SC it’s becoming different.  Doctor offices are closed.  Some grocery stores are closed and a few are still open. We’re NOT evacuating.  We’re on the second floor so we’ll be okay from [...]


Brian and Abby’s Wedding- Behind the Scenes

On September 25th, 2004, my oldest son Brian made the smartest decision in his life. He married Abby. Abby’s Story is a really good post her on her Blog. A beautiful story that will bring out the tissues. This is a story about what she didn’t see.


IRENE Parks Off of North Carolina- Ruins Weekend

As we tracked Irene she ignored kinfolk in South Carolina but stopped to kick everyone’s ass in North Carolina.  Thank God no one was hurt but there was damage and in one case everything they owned went underwater. Our prayers go out, Thanks for God’s Mercy and continued Blessings as everyone recovers from one Bad [...]