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Two deer hunters met in the woods. The first one said to the other, “Boy am I glad to see you, I’ve been lost for hours.” The second deer hunter said, “That’s nothing, I’ve been lost for a week.” My friend and I went hunting in North Carolina, and ending up shooting him twice. I [...]


Today marks the first anniversary of wild kangaroos in Wyoming.  Last year the Wyoming Fish and Game Department (WFAG) imported and released 90 kangaroos.  As the first hunt season on kangaroo opens, early reports say it’s a resounding success. Last year, The Wyoming Fish and  Game Department (WFAG) partnered with the Wyoming Migration Initiative (WMI) released the [...]


Why We Shoot Deer

[ed note: In all honesty, I nicked this off of facebook. It’s just that good. Thanks Ken.]

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