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Mckayla Maroney- Our Favorite

Mckayla Maroney is our fav here at the Lucky Puppy. In our humble opinion, she has the star power that the rest of the Fab Five lack. She has transcended from falling on her ass and missing Olympic gold (twice). She leaves London with a Gold Medal and more Olympic swag than those bitches from Russia and Romania.


Olympic Home Videos

We’ve got Olympic Fever in our house and we’re not the only ones. Home Olympic Videos are springing up. Alex over at LateEnough threw down the gauntlet and Abby at Abby Gabs picked it up and smacked me with it. Not wanting miss an opportunity to totally rip off rise to the occasion I whipped one out myself. Okay, not by myself. Number One Daughter Rosie volunteered to by the camera man…um…person…girl.

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