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The Ballad of Jeb Bush

You know the song, sing it!

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Liberal Media Clueless as GOP Sweeps Senate

I have to admit that on election night I was switching from Fox News to CNN for comedy relief.


Congratulations .  Now What?

America has spoken. President Obama will serve another four years. Will someone who’s happy about that explain to me what they’re expecting the future to be.


Obama-Romney do Stand Up

For real. The presidential candidates took time off to attend the annual Al Smith Dinner to benefit Catholic charities.


Presidential Debate II- The Sequel

It’s Halloween and didn’t the second presidential debate seem like a like a bad Horror movie remake? Greg Gutfeld seemed to sum it up in a Tweet.

8h GregGutfeld GregGutfeld ‏@greggutfeld

the candidates approach candy like haunted creatures in a childhood nightmare.


Smilin’ Joe vs the Gun Show

The VP debate is over and it was Smiiln’ Joe versus The Gun Show. With Joe on the attack and Paul hanging back, this slug fest was fought to a draw. But that’s my humble opinion. The reaction in the Twittersphere shows the Left squirming. Maybe he who smiles last, smiles best.


Why Obama Lost the First Debate

Sometimes reality is funnier than any fiction. Every political campaign puts a spin on their candidate’s performance. Here are some Doozies.


New Design for US Flag Revealed

The Obama campaign jumped the gun and revealed a new design for the U.S. flag. Yours for only $35.


This Seat is Taken

Apparently President Obama was watching the RNC convention. He (or maybe his staff) tweeted a riposte to Clint Eastwood’s “Empty Chair”. Allow us to retort…


New Black Panther Party Does Not Support GOP Convention

Recordings from radio talk shows have surfaced with representatives of the New Black Panther Party expressing their displeasure of the Republican Party holding their convention in Tampa, Florida.

WARNING: These statements contain Potty Mouth.

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