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Desert Storm

I’m going out on a limb and posting my first F-117 story from Desert Storm. This is no shit. I was taking my turn as NCOIC of the EOR.  For civilians and Nonners, this means I was in charge of the End of Runway Crew.  EOR is where we get one last look at the [...]

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Unexpected Guest

I was the dedicated crew chief of “Unexpected Guest”. On the first night of Desert Storm I painted a bomb on the bomb door to celebrate a successful mission.


Dear Any Iraqi Soldier*

In Desert Storm we were sent thousands of letters addressed to “Any Soldier”. Many were heartfelt letters from school children. But then letters to “Any Iraqi Soldier” started to show up on our bombs.


The DS Tail Code

As Desert Shield was cranking up to become Desert Storm, Hahn AB in Germany was closing. While in the process of transferring their F-16′s to the Houston ANG, Hahn was tasked for the Desert.