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Is  Hillary Too Sick to Serve as President?

Aside from mental health issues, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s health is so poor that she might not survive the first term of her presidency.


Hillary’s Resume

I found Hillary’s resume on hillaryclinton.com. Let’s take a closer look at, shall we?


Is Laura Ingraham a Nazi?

If one picture is the standard used by the Loony Left to determine who is or is not a Nazi, let’s see who else is a Nazi.  Shall we? This is how stupid the Primary Election is going to get.  The Looney Left will grasp at any little bullshit thing to make Donald Trump and [...]


Friends of Bill and Hillary

Apparently, F.B.I. director, James B. Comey doesn’t want to die in a plane crash or commit suicide, shot dead or die under mysterious circumstances like so many “Friends of Bill and Hillary


Our Gallery is Down

Please accept our deepest apology. Our Gallery is down for maintenance.

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Remember When We had the First Amendment?

Before calling Trump racist, misogynist, and bashing his popularity-searching “campaign” you might want to read this and find out what is REALLY happening.


The Ballad of Jeb Bush

You know the song, sing it!

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Pastor Jon and the Benghazi Attack

While the Attack in Benghazi was underway, the State Department and White House was already in the spin mode seeking a plausible “cause” of the violence. At first they wanted to pin it on an innocent Oregon Pastor. His lesson is moving for Christians, informative for atheists and will probably piss off Muslims.


Why is Hamilton Being Replaced on the Ten?

This was going to be a funny post until until I started thinking about it.


What Happened to Harry Reid?

Do you really believe that “Pinky” got mugged by his exercise machine? Read on Loyal Reader..