JFK- The Assassination Timeline

“For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come to light.”- Luke 8:17

This is NOT the timeline you are familiar with.

Let’s dispense of the bullshit first, shall we?

Oswald didn’t do it.

There were more than three shots.

There was no “Magic Bullet”.

The limo driver nor the guy in the passenger seat shot JFK.


The Zapruder Film is edited.

JFK’s autopsy at Bethesda Hospital, never happened.

Kennedy was shot four times, once in the back, once in the throat, twice in the head.  To understand the headshot, you must know that both shots were from the from the front, fired almost simultaneously and both almost on the level.

JFK is not in his grave.

“8F” was the room at the Del Charro Hotel in La Jolla California where the conspiracy started.


21 NOV  

The 8F Group meets to give “The Big Event” the “green light”. [16][26]

22 NOV

11:35 Air Force Two lands in Dallas.

11:38 Air Force One lands in Dallas.

11:52 Motorcade leaves Love Field, Secret Service protection protocol changed. [16] 13:42

The Assassination

12:30 CIA assassination team, ZR Rifle killed JFK. [12]     Kennedy was shot four times, once in the back (behind the sign), once in the throat (see picture). Limo driver Agent Greer stomps on the brakes. JFK is shot twice in the head.  To understand the headshots, you must know that both shots were from the from, fired almost simultaneously and both almost on the level. The team consisted of eight shooters, seven spotters and two control officers (one being the guy with the umbrella).  Up to the headshots, all shots fired failed to kill the President.  The control agent then opened his umbrella.  This was a signal used in the CIA handbook for assassination that indicates “First volley ineffective, repeat.” It was also the signal for the two “fail safe” shooters in front of the limo (including one about 30 feet away).  The shots were simultaneous because both shooters fired on the signal when “Umbrella Man” pumped the umbrella the second time. [4] [5] [7] [8] [9] [10] [12] [13] [17] [18]

Watch the Zapruder film again. The reflection goes away, the bullet hole does not.

13:00 Kennedy pronounced dead at Parkland Hospital.

After the Assassination

13:15 Officer Tippet murdered by G. Gordon Liddy.  Tippet was to be executed with a shot to the back of the head to replicate the assassination.  Tippet fights back and Haldeman shoot him in the face.  Why Tippet?  He was known in the Dallas PD as a dead ringer for JFK. His DPD nickname was “JFK”. [10] [20] [23]

13:26 Vice-president Johnson leaves Parkland Hospital.

13:33 Oswald leaves School Book Depository. [10]

13:50 Oswald arrested. [24]

14:05 Tippet is taken from Parkland Hospital. [24]

14:05   JFK is taken from Parkland Hospital. [24]

14:15 Tippet’s body is loaded into a shipping casket and taken aboard Air Force Two. [14] [24]

14:15 JFK’s casket loaded on Air Force One. [14] [24] [25]

14:38 Johnson is sworn in as President. [14] [24] [25]

14:38 While everyone is in the front of Air Force watching the transfer of power (by Johnson’s request), JFK’s body is removed from the casket and placed in a shipping casket in Air Force Two parked to the right of Air Force One. [3] 24:59 [14] [23]

The Getaway

14:47 Air Force Two leaves Love Field.  Aboard is John Liggett. and the bodies of JFK and Officer Tippet. John Liggett tries to repair Tippet’s skull with mortician’s wax to represent a shot to the back of the head. He does the best he can but knows it’s a bad job.  When he returns home, he takes his wife and daughter out of town and doesn’t come back until Oswald is shot. Later he becomes a millionaire and gambler.  His wife divorces him.  [23] [25]

16:45 Gawler’s receives phone alerting them they have been chosen to provide funeral services for JFK. Click this to see it.

Andrews Air Force Base

17:58 Air Force Two arrives at Andrews AFB.

18:05 Air Force One lands at Andrews AFB. Parks to the left of Air Force Two. [2] 2:51:51 [25]

17:02 Grey ambulance leaves Andrews AFB with the bronze casket.  So, does the Honor Guard.  Several grey ambulances were also seen leave Andrews AFB.  The Honor Guard, chased a grey ambulance but lost it. A story is released that the multiple ambulances were intended to fool the press.  One of those ambulances contains the shipping casket with Tippet inside. [23]

18:13 President Johnson starts his first public speech as President of the United States of America.  Like in Dallas, he invites everyone on board to join him. Instead, the Kennedy people, bum rush out of the back with the coffin.  This prevents replacement of JFK’s body back into the bronze casket.  Johnson is noticeably pissed while giving his speech. The shipping container with JFK’s body is placed in “Army 01”. [6] 17:32

18:19 LBJ leaves for the White House in Army One. [2]  2:51:51

18:26 Army One arrives at White House, LBJ and party get out. Army One (with JFK aboard) leaves immediately. [2] 2:51:51

Bethesda Navy Hospital

18:30 Army One arrives at Bethesda Officers Club parking lot.  Shipping casket is placed into a Gawler’s Funeral Home hearse (Black, one each). [6] 17:32 [6] 18:23

18:35 Shipping container arrives in black hearse at morgue loading dock, Bethesda Navy Hospital. It was removed by a Naval working party assembled by Chief Warrant Officer Dennis David (USMC), on the dock to move the JFK’s body.  They placed it in the morgue “chill room”. [1]

1845: JFK’s body is removed from the shipping casket and photographed and x-rayed.  These pictures can be identified by a fresh towel under his head and his head in a brace obscuring the back of the head.[1]

18:55 Mister David witnessed the presidential motorcade arrive at the front of Bethesda Navy Hospital (BNH). All the Kennedy people go inside.  The ambulance driver, William Greer, who also had driven the JFK motorcade limo in Dallas, sits for twelve minutes. Two FBI agents (Francis X. O’Neill and James “Jim” Sibert) showed him where the morgue loading dock is.

19:17 JFK’s casket is taken into Bethesda Navy Hospital and JFK is removed by O’Neill and Sibert and placed in an autopsy room.  They put the casket in the morgue anteroom.  The Secret Service tells them to leave.  JFK’s body is now placed in the bronze casket and put back into the grey ambulance driven by Greer. [23]

19:17 Autopsy begins. The body of JD Tippet is removed from a shipping container and then removed from a body bag.  Witnesses including Dr. Boswell and John O’Conner see Dr. Humes perform a partial craniectomy to remove what’s left of Tippet’s brain.  This procedure conveniently produced a large “exit wound” consistent with a shot from the rear. Pictures and x-rays are taken of Tippet’s body including a fresh towel and a head brace. These will be recorded as pictures of JFK prior to the “Official Autopsy”.[2.1] [22]

19:45 The Honor Guard arrives at BNH and finds the grey ambulance parked in the morgue loading docked, Greer behind the wheel. The Honor Guard then escorts the ambulance to the front of the hospital.

20:00 Honor Guard escorts JFK’s casket into the Bethesda Naval Hospital.  Casket was opened, witnesses saw JFK’s body wrapped in white sheets. FBI agents O’Neil, Sibert and Kellerman witnessed the opening and then took the casket to an autopsy room placed JFK’s body on the examining table and then took the empty casket to the morgue ante room, again.  At this time photos of JFK’s true head wounds were photographed and x-rayed. The bronze casket is left in the anteroom, empty.

20:00 “Official Autopsy” begins. FBI agents O’Neil, Kellerman, Secret Service agents and many more are admitted into the morgue to watch “autopsy”. There were gasps from the audience.  Medical professionals present could not believe that one bullet did all the damage to Tippit’s skull.  Humes announced that he had found evidence that the skull had been surgically altered, either to explain his surgery or when he discovered other alterations made by John Liggett [22]

23:00 Gawler’s Funeral Home receives Tippet’s body inside bronze casket and prepares body for funeral.

23 NOV

0400 Casket removed by Honor Guard from Gawler’s Funeral Home.

04:00 Honor Guard escorts the bronze casket into the East Room of the White House.

04:05 Jackie asks for a Last Look of the President.  The casket is opened.  She says, “It isn’t Jack. That looks like something you would find at Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum,” Those were the last words she ever spoke of the assassination. Robert Kennedy said, “It doesn’t look anything like him”. [23]

ACCESSORIES BEFORE THE FACT  [3] 26:50 [14] [16]

THE 8F GROUP  (Room 8F at the La Jolla Hotel)[26]

(in no order and not complete)

Clinton Williams “Clint” Murchison Sr.,       E. Howard Hunt ,       Frank Sturgis,     Richard M. Nixon,   Prescott Bush,   D. Harold Byrd,   William Averill Harriman,    Lee Harvey Oswald ,    Allen Dulles,   John Connely, George H.W. Bush,William Casey,   Carlo Gambino,   Charles Harrelson,    Rafael Cruz,   Lyndon Baines Johnson  ,   Sam Giancana,   J. Edgar Hoover,  Clyde Tolson  , Cliff Carter,  Joseph Yarborough,   John Connelly,   Earle Cabell,   Joseph Sevilla,      John McCloy,   Carlos Marcello,   Malcolm Wallace,    David Ferrie ,


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The Zapruder Film is Fake

The authenticity  of the Zapruder Film has been questioned for a while.  The following video is a 2011 interview with Dino Brugioni who was a photographic interpreter working in the National Photographic Interpretation Center in 1963. It sums up, if an hour and twenty minutes is a summation of all the Zapruder fakery.



Key: “film” is the movie you have seen; “original” was the Zapruder film before it was altered.

If you don’t want to sit through the whole video, but you should, I’ve put time markers for the spoilers.

  • The car stopped. 50 people saw the car stop. This is not recorded in the film.
  • Zapruder started filming the car before it turned onto Elm street,
  • Portions of the original have been spliced out.
  • The film does not show the back of the head. It’s crudely blacked out.
  • It does show wounds to the head that the Parkland team NEVER SAW.
  • Life Magazine offers: 23 NOV $50,000 print rights; 24 NOV $150,000 for original film and all rights.
  • In 12 years did Life not exhibit or license its exhibition.
  • The alterations to the original were made while Life supposedly had the original and two copies.
  • The original was at the National Photographic Interpretation Center (NPIC) during this time not Life.
  • Homer McMahon head of the NPIC color lab, Ben Hunter his assistant. NPIC. 17:00
  • “Hawkeye Works” was the CIA code word for the Classified Eastman/Kodak facility, Rochester N.Y.
  • When Eastman/Kodak normally processed Double 8 film it sliced it in two. Homer McMahon says that the Secret Service delivered the original film from Hawkeye Works which was still Double 8.
  • Dino Brugioni (25:03) saw original. Photo Interpreter NPIC. He made briefing boards for the Secret Service.  31:10
  • Homer MaMahon delivered the briefing board to the Secret Service.
  • The timing of the shots is wrong. 29:56
  • Time/Life was connected to the CIA.
  • Life magazine publisher C.D. Jackson had been in U.S. Intelligence which started with the OSS.
  • The original film did not have sprocket bleed over. 33:50
  • When JFK’s head explodes there was mist and fragments flying much higher than shown in the film. 33:56
  • Two sets of briefing boards of the assassination were made. 43:19
  • The briefing boards in the National Archive are fake. 45:56
  • Pierre Sands, Deputy Director of the NPIC. He delivered the second set to the Secret Service Agent “Bill Smith” (More about Bill at the end of this post)
  • Homer MaMahon and Morgan Bennet Hunter. They made briefing boards after Brugioni.
  • The Kodak company was connected to the CIA.
  • On March 6th, 1975 ABC published a bootleg copy of the film, it was after that Life magazine released the film for viewing.
  • After this Life sold all they had of the Zfilm back to the Zapruder family for One Dollar.
  • The Zapruder family placed the film in the National Archives for safekeeping, “courtesy storage”.
  • In 1992 JFK Records Act allowed the government declare the film an assassination record.
  • The family asked for the film back and was denied. A court battle ensued.
  • AUG 1998, the government became the owner of the film.
  • In exchange Congress authorized the family be paid $16 million.



This is a short version just showing the shots.  As you watch this, can you see the “blacked out” portion of the back of Kennedy’ head.  It’s before and after the headshot.  This gives the airbrushing continuity and just not show up magically at the time of the shot.  Also, take a close look at the “brains” coming out.  Was that faked as well?

One of the things that is odd about the assassination is that Kennedy’s brain is missing.  The Bethesda, Maryland autopsy said that portions of his brain were still in the skull cavity.  Where did that go?  If the head was hit by a high velocity fragmenting round, the brain would have been vaporized just like the witnesses and the unaltered Zapruder film say happened.


  • Shooting film not bullets.
  • Why was his film rushed to be altered to support the Warren Commision?
  • Did the CIA put him there to provide absolute “proof”?
  • Watch the second interview below.  As the body of JFK is being transported live, Zapruder is on air to say he has a film and he remembers the shot exactly how the Warren Comission will say it happened.  Clearly different than the unaltered film he had just shot.
  • They say they will air his film and then they don’t.  Later WFAA will say they had no equpment to air color film.
  • The Secret Service is there lightning fast to scoop up the tape.  Zapruder immediately returned to his office and locked the camera in a small safe. A Dallas Morning News reporter named Harry McCormack notified Forrest Sorrels, Agent-in-Charge of the Dallas Secret Service field office, that Zapruder might have filmed the assassination. The two met Zapruder at his office, not really knowing the true importance of his remarkable film. Sorrels left after a promise of a copy for his agency’s use.
  • Then Zapruder heads out to be a witness for the prosecution.  Zapruder then went with McCormack to the News building, hoping to develop the film there. From there they went to the paper’s television branch, WFAA, only to be told the station’s lab was set up for black & white 16mm newsfilm. Although losing what would have been TV’s greatest news exclusive, WFAA did a live interview with Zapruder himself, barely 90-minutes after the assassination.  On Zapruder’s behalf, WFAA contacted the Eastman Kodak Company on Manor Way, who agreed to process his film right away. Kodak employee Phil Chamberlain recalled there was only three reels of camera film available to make first-generation copies. Later that afternoon, Sorrels received two of the copies at Zapruder’s office. That evening, one of Sorrels’ copies was on its way to Secret Service Chief James Rowley in Washington.  The other of Sorrels’ copies was loaned to the FBI, who — unable to dupe the film locally — sent the film to the FBI lab in Washington, where second-generation copies were made. The first-generation copy was returned to Dallas on November 26th.




The Girl on the Stairs

The Big Event

Where Were You When JFK was Shot?

Was “Agent Bill Smith” George Herbert Walker Bush?

Why was this classified by the CIA?



This video describes the actions of ZR Rifle, but doesn’t get it quite right.  It does explain how JFK’s (?) body showed up at the Bethesda, Maryland hospital in a shipping container and not a bronze casket.