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Like life, you parent in stages.  You learn as you go. CLICK HERE  


Oh Shit, I’ve Become My Mother

Have you ever sat down and thought of why you do the things you do? Little things. Quirky things. Did you think of them yourself or were you taught?


Halloween Costumes

What’s Halloween if not a chance to dress up in a wacky, spooky, sexy or politically incorrect costume? Here are some from our scrapbook. For the record that was me going through the drive up window at Burger King on my way to a Halloween party. My Mom died just before Halloween in 1983. A [...]


Happy Fathers Day

I awoke to breakfast in bed. The menu was Pancakes with Strawberries and Orange Juice. Planned and executed successfully by my bad ass 11 year old, Rosie. I hope you Dads had an equally great day.      


A Secret Promise Kept

The appointment I was on my way to was very important; I was very late and very lost. With my male ego in check, I began to look for a place to ask directions, preferably a gas station. Since I had been crisscrossing the city, my gas gauge was perilously low and time was of [...]


Never Discuss Science with a Kid.

You never know where it might lead. My seven year old daughter, Rosie asked where do falling stars hit when they fall? I said, “Stars don’t fall, what you see is a meteor.”Things then went all to hell.Rosie: “What’s a meteor?”Dad: “A rock.”Rosie:”What happens when it hits?”Dad: “How big a rock?”Rosie: “As big as a [...]

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My Dad Fought in World War Two

Let me tell you about my Dad. He’s 90 years old today, in frail health and living his days out in a hospice.

The girl he married in 1945 visits him every day.